Friday, 30 December 2011

Its My Birthday!

Yep thats right folks Todays my Birthday and today i turned 17 finally i can now drink a Bottle of WKD or at least i think i can anyway :P

anyway i bet your wondering what i got well this is why im gonna show you some photos of the stuff i got and that includes the stuff from Trident Trains.

1.  some Wii Games Namely Sonic Sega All Stars & Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

2. Some Sweets well why who doesn't have sweets on their Birthday
 3. a book on Pugs and some other sweets.

4. a total of 9 Bags of Model Railway scatter you can't see them all but i got one bag out to show ya

5. now for the items from Trident Trains we have a Hornby class 73 Stewats Lane and a class 121 BubbleCar in BR Green with Speed Whiskers im chuffed that they still had it in stock :D

Here are some photos of what the models look like

these models yes will be reviewed soon but not until the disc for the camera i use to film the reviews arrives so until then reviews are on hold but eventually the will be reviewed.

so thats all i have time for tonight

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Two Announcements

well im just going to post something up regarding two announcements that i am going to make.

firstly Tomorrow is my Birthday i will be turnin 17 and i will be going back to Trident Trains im just simply excited i can't wait for tomorrow to arrive.

and secondly reviews are currently on hold because the camera i use to make the reviews i.e my dads camera has been sent of for a new disc because the old one is not working properly so until that arrives i can't do reviews but if it does arrive tomorrow i shall be able to do reviewing but i can't promise anything.

so this is me signing off and looking forward to tomorrow

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Birthday coming up!

well its now only two days to go until my Birthday arrives , bout time too this year i will be turning 17 and on my Birthday i will be going back to Trident Trains looking forward to going there again and hopefully i shall bring something back with me.

one item i am planning to get hold of is a Hornby BR class 121 BubbleCar in BR Green with Speed Whiskers been trying to get one for a while and when i first visited Trident Trains they had one inside a cabinet outside the shop.

Whether it is still their or not i don't know but i hope it is so i can get it :P besides it will go well with my class 110 DMU which is also in the same livery.

 but anyways thats it for now hopefully if i manage to get hold of that class 121 i shall review it but we shall have to wait and see.

                                                    until next time take care all

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas Presents of 2011!

Right well this is a blog i have promised to do showing the stuff i got for Christmas however this is not all of it i have lots of other stuff but it would simply take forever to take photos and put them on here.

so without further or do lets get started.

1. an IPod Nano this is one of my Favourite prezzies i have received also shown are headphones and a cable of some sort.

2. Sweets and Chocolates as it wouldn't be a Christmas without them :P but this is not all of them though.

3. A Mug, Coaster and Tray set with Pictures of Steam Locomotives on

4. Stig BubbleBath or should i say The Tame Racing Driver Bubblebath.  Some say if he went on Celebrity Love Island they would all be pregnant including the Camera Men and in his Wallet he Keeps a picture of his Wallet.

5. a Heritage Railway 2012 Calender

6. some Hornby Skaledale stuff mainly a Modern Bus Shelter, a Garden shed and a Lytch Gate

7. Some MetCalfe Buildings mainly an Engine Shed and Shops

8. WoodLand Scenics stuff Rock Debris and PolyFibre

9. Some Hornby Animals

10. A Hornby GWR 14XX (1400) 1470 in BR Lined Green this was the first present i opened and its a Superb runner.

11. an Airfix LMS 4F Fowler Loco in BR Black a great runner despit being a little noisy

and thats about it i got other stuff such as a couple of DVDS after shave (i know have plenty of that spray stuff know) and many other things.

i did get spending money but i only got £20 because i spent my usual £100 early so i will have to wait until my Birthday next week to see how much money i get.

but i have spoken long enough so i hope you all enjoy the rest of Christmas

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Well Christmas has now finally arrived it seems to have come fast this year hasn't it.

but anyway im just stopping by to say Merry Christmas to everyone and bidding you all a Happy New Year.

don't expect any videos up tomorrow, However i will be doing a blog on here showing the stuff i got for Xmas besides it doesn't have to be on a YouTube Video does it.

so until then Happy Christmas and Seasons Greetings from class47peter

                              take care everyone

Friday, 23 December 2011

Bachmann 7739 Pannier Tank Detailing Updates!

well this is just something quick to show you some updates that have been done to my Bachmann Pannier Tank 7739 which was first bought in 2008.

           This photo shows what she looked like long before the details were added.

            and this is her now you can't see most of the detailing yet but you will do.

                                           a Head Lamp has been added on the front (the headcode reads Stopping Passenger) since i don't intend to use this loco on Freight. the Head Lamp came from a SpringSide GWR Lamp pack.

                                     a few Lamps have also been added on the side of the loco whre the wheel arch is they are there because sometimes some lamps were put on the side of locos.

                                some detailing has also been added on the rear of the loco first we have some Hammers that have been glued on the coal bunker. the reason for them on their is because they were used to break up any large peices of coal which was a very unpleasent job.

      i have also added locomotive tools these came in the detailing pack for  the Hornby Battle of Britain Sir Eustace Missenden but decided to put them on the pannier as they suit it more it wasn't easy to put them on BTW but i got there in the end.

                                 and thats it although she isn't quite done yet i want to get some SpringSide Loco Buckets and add a few on 7739 but i can't order any yet though due to the post not running at christmas time but i will get some eventually.

         anyway thats all i have time for today i would have done a YouTube video but i didn't have the time for it due to being busy but atleast i have made a blog about it anyway.

so i'll leave you with this photo of 7739

                  until next time

                  cheerio and have a Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Back from Trident Trains

well as the Blog Title confirms i have just come back from Trident Trains and im just speechless its simply an amazing Model Shop.

with amazing prices, a large selection of locos, wagons, coaches, scenery and buildings and of course being a bigger shop its now my favourite one and i shall be visitng there again im just impressed with it.

when i walked inside i felt as if i was in heaven or somethin (don't ask me why) but they are fare much better than Modellers Mecca because at Trident Trains the prices are more suitable, its bigger and they have more locos so going to Modellers Mecca can now go in the bin where it belongs.

but anyway i bet there are some people wondering out there if i got anything from there well the answer to that is simple and its yes i did.

firstly is a Hornby Battle of Britain (the unrebuilt) version and this one is 34090 Sir Eustace Missenden and this is a loco i've been after for a long time plus its the fourth Southern Region loco i have :D

 the other item i got is a Hornby LNER A4 and this one is Golden Plover split from a trainset which i think is called The Queen of Scots since it carries the headboard with that written on it its also tender driven with a new motor fitted and has cab detailing thats painted but i won't say anymore you will have to wait for the review of it tonight in which the a4 will be the first of the two to have a review.

                                      anyways that is it for this blog until next time
                                                  goodnight and thanks for reading

Sunday, 18 December 2011

some updates!

just a small blog to announce some updates that are going on and this is the second blog i've done in a row did on yesterday and now im doing another one nothing wrong with that :L

first off i have changed the chanel design back to the old one i just prefer the old one for some reason they new ones are alright but i like the old one for reasons i can't be bothered to say :P

also tomorrow im off to Water Orton why Water Orton cause they have a Chip shop i mean come on name another place that has a chip shop i can name one and thats no one besides Water Orton :P

and we are going cause we ain't been for a while.

then on Wednesday we will be going to Trident Trains and i may bring something back as i will ghet £60 to take so hah.

and thats about it until next time Merry Xmas since its now only a week away :D

Saturday, 17 December 2011

YT new channel design thoughts and visit to Trident Trains

well this will be a blog about two things now this will be the first.

but anyways first lets get the thoughts of the new YouTube Channel Designs out of the way. my thoughts well its brief and blunt and that is not as good as the old ones now don't get me wrong and im not putting YouTube down or anybody else but i prefer the old channel designs to the new ones why? because they are just better plus you can see the channel comments the description page at the sides where as on the new ones you can't so i will change them back to normal very soon as soon as i can find out how since i have mesaged someone hoe to do it XD.

anyways moving onto the next thing to talk about and that is Trident Trains.

well whats to talk about well i will be making two visits this one on on Wednesday next week and one one Friday (not next week but the week after) on my Birthday but why am i going well because it makes a change than going to Modellers Mecca all the time.
now im not criticising them or anything but maybe going to Trident Trains will be more exciting and maybe cheaper because the only things Modellers Mecca have at resonable or cheapish prices are Second Hand items while others are just expensive i could list the prices they do of the items they sell but i'll lets sleeping dogs lie ;)

but i think going to Trident Trains will be very exciting and will be a change as im looking forward to see what it looks like and possibly visitng in the near future although i will be visitng on my Birthday and who knows on Wednesday i may bring something back with me.

so on the BombShell its time to stop typing and finish so i will so yo all very soon

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas is approaching!

well Christmas is approaching only atleast 14 days (Two Weeks) to go more or less. anyways who is looking forward to Christmas i know i am i mean who doesn't like Christmas........

anyway i would like to take this time to say that this will be the First Christmas without my nan who passed away on October the 28th upsetting i know but im beginning to get over it and she woudn't want us to not celebrate Christmas :'(

but on the plus side im thinking of doing a Xmas video of all the Model Railway stuff i may be getting for Christmas if i of course get any but wether i do a video on Christmas day or not i don'tknow or i may even do a blog but nothings been decided yet.

what i will say is that i will be getting two Locomotives/Engines i of course know what they are but you Don't

so thats why i am thinking of doing reviews of them one possibly on Xmas day and the other reviewed on Boxing Day what do you think please do give me your thoughts.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Thursday BlackPool Trip during Half Term

just a quick Blog to announce that next week on Thursday we will be heading of the BlackPool my favorite place theres a lot to do there so i reccomend it to everyone out there :)
whilst their i will be Filming the Trams with my HD camera :D so yeah there will be a video also i will be on the beach eating some BlackPool rock and you know the rest i also hope to go to The Tram Shop and buy a few model Trams but we will have to wait and see until next time.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Class47Peter Goes Full HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep thats right folks im going HD but why is the question well let me explain the story in full.

since December 2010 i was giving a Samsung SMX-C20 for my Birthday and up to this point i have been using it despite the fact i had to convert every thing i made with it to make into a video to cap it off whenever i placed the camera on a flat surface i had to balance it on a random object in order to film plus it would regulary play up in i zoomed in on things and would take ages to focus >:(

however recently the camera broke and i was unable to film things so it was taken Back to Argos for another one.But i came home today from School only to realize that they don't have them in anymore so instead i was given a different camera i said it better be good and now im as happy as can be as its the DZ- HV575E which is a HD camera
im just speechless at this since i can now have HD videos im now just dying to go out and film stuff but sadly i can't just yet. starting from the next video all will be filmed in Full HD may still have to convert the videos but im just literally pleased with this no more camera blancing or bad focus and converting all photos and videos time to celebrate i thing.

and if you don't believe me then you can think what you like it would be incredibly pointless to take a photo of the box or the camera just to prove it but all i will say is wait until the next video ;)

anyway thankyou for my time i've blabbered on long enough so good bye

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tomorrows the day!

well folks tomorrow is the day Me & my Dad go to the SVR's steam gala and yes there shall of course be a video we will be riding on a train stopping at different stations and filming trains of course especially the visitors.

until then just enjoy reading this Blog ROFL

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Train rides durng SVR's steam gala weekend!

this ain't gonna be nothing special compared to other blog enteries but it is just to announce that i shall be taking a ride on a steam train during the gala over the weekend hopefully stopping at different stations capturing on what im hoping to see every visitng steamer their :D

until next time.... goodnight sleep tight hope the bed bugs do not bite

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Severn Valley Railways 2011 Autumn Steam Gala!

this blog will be something different it will be about this weekends SVRs Autumn Steam Gala in which i shall be attending to and im really looking forward to it especially with the following visiting engines that i hope to see:

A1 60163 Tornado in its new Brunswick Green Livery!
Caledonian Railway, John McIntosh class 812, No. 828
GWR King Class 6024 King Edward I replaces 6023 King Edward II

GWR Large Prairie 4160 Replaces Nunney Castle

and not forgetting Class 9F 2-10-0 No. 92212
and of course a mixed variety of some of the resident locos but was more interested buy putting the visitors up cause it would take fare too long but yes i hope to see all the visitors and maybe even ride on a train their

until then see ya later

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Project: Restoring Ivatt 2-6-2T Tank Engine 41221 part 1

in this 2 part Blog we well be telling the stories of an engines overhaul and return to service this engine is not new it is old i've had it since 2007 and been out of service since then and is none other that a Bachmann Ivatt 2-6-2T Tank Engine in BR Black livery and numbered 41221

First bought in 2007 from Modellers Mecca i obtained this model second hand and ran well and did me for several months until its fate approached!

as you can clearly see here the wheelset has broke to you it may be nothing but you ain't seen nothing yet

when ever it was picked up the wheels would fall out with the siderods still intact :(

if you look where there's a red arrow you should see a gaping hole this is because the white plastic thing round the axles has broke and split in two and obvious repair however we are working to restore and return it to former glory so lets get started on the proper thing

we sent off for a wheelset from the Bachmann repair service and the delivery was quick LOL here we see the fresh and smart looking new wheelset.

here are the bogies only one can be used as the front one is damaged but don't worry we have sent off for another aswell as some other things.

first we had to disconnect the siderods the go the the broken wheels as you can clearly see!

one of the broken wheels and some small pins and a rod aswell :P

an overlook of the new wheelset

the underframe part was removed the get the wheels out note you may spot some greae on it!

the bodyshell of the Ivatt Tank on the Loco cradle from Peco

the damaged wheels are finally removed here they are together

we had to look at the connecting rods on my other Ivatt to put them on right on 41221 this ivatt in the photo is 41218

the new wheelset is finally placed in.

time for a break and i enjoy this big slice of Pizza :D

what the Ivatt looks like without the bodyshell :O

the connecting rods on the first side are all connected up

and they are connected up on the otherside aswell of course

the bodyshell is put back on now we are getting some where

we fit the spring back on the front and solder the wires up ready to put the new front bogie on when it comes

thats it for this blog in part 2 when the new parts arrive we will lookat the final part of the Ivatts return to traffic!!!!

until next time go to bed LOLZ