Sunday, 22 May 2011

fixing a problem of the Hornby B12

in this Blog im going to share a problem i recently fixed of my Hornby B12 which i've had for quite some time now.
 well basically  my Hornby B12 whislt running it yesterday made its final wheel turn (or so i thought) basically every time it wanted to move something was jamming it so it would get nowhere at all.

However having a further inspection one of the pins from the siderods had fallen out i was worried that she would never run again but me and my dad fixed the problem with a self tapping screw which has worked and the loco is running just fine as if the problem never happened . this image above shows the self tapping screw in place.

i shall now leave you with a clip of the B12 running with these wonderful Pullman coaches.

until next time take care all Long live the class 47s

Saturday, 21 May 2011

the 4th Anniversary of class47peter

yesterday it was the 4th Anniversary of me and so you can watch the video watch it now if you haven't already watched it. it

it features clips,thoose who gave me comments,my subs and thoose i recommend

until next time... cheerio