Sunday, 22 May 2011

fixing a problem of the Hornby B12

in this Blog im going to share a problem i recently fixed of my Hornby B12 which i've had for quite some time now.
 well basically  my Hornby B12 whislt running it yesterday made its final wheel turn (or so i thought) basically every time it wanted to move something was jamming it so it would get nowhere at all.

However having a further inspection one of the pins from the siderods had fallen out i was worried that she would never run again but me and my dad fixed the problem with a self tapping screw which has worked and the loco is running just fine as if the problem never happened . this image above shows the self tapping screw in place.

i shall now leave you with a clip of the B12 running with these wonderful Pullman coaches.

until next time take care all Long live the class 47s

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