Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hornby LNER B12 61520 the new B12 and 8509 Apple Green B12 overlooks!

Well i did say i might do a Blog about this so im gonna i got this B12 yesterday in the mail after waiting two weeks at least to arrive from the seller Ray Mansfield model railways but only because only two people work there and they get very busy updating the site by putting new stuff up so i suppose we can't blame them

and this LNER B12 goes by the number 61520 as you can see :D

and to those who saw it as im sure most of you have cause it so far has 33 views you will know it is georgeous to those who haven't seen it i will show you what it has its previous owner hasdone touch ups to it i dare say!!!

first of all it has metal Buffers the type you would normally see on RailRoad items the front ones are painted silver while the back ones aren't it also has an actual proper hook with a small chain on aswell as all the details for the detailing pack have been added and it has white discs on the front which you usually get on the SR Region these are only held on with Blu Tak but i shall at some point glue them on.

the tender has also had weights put in it because it is very heavy
the rear shot of the tender as you can see it has a brake pipe which the previous owner has obviously put on since this loco never came with a pack also see the separate hand rails and lamp hooks on the tender buts thats what Hornby have put on not the previous owner

and as shown by these close up photos one the cab the have actually got windows inside which are pieces of plastic i had to glue one in cause it fell off in the packaging!

of course it has the details the Hornby have put on the whistle, the safety valves, lamp hooks and handrails

it also has no front coupling which is Ace cause i had no plans to actually use it plus the front bogie may have been altered because its not as swingy as the other B12 i have.

and it has crew inside. okay fair enough i added them in myself i painted them and weathered them though you can't see it to make the uniforms dirty and i glued them in i also have plans to put a frebox light in but whether i will actually do it or not aint deffinate yet but i probably will though :)

now here it is compared next two my other B12 8509 in LNER Apple green and let me just say this

its very very basic why their isn't a single detail on this one thats been put on seperately

a part from this pipe that comes down beside the side of the smokebox but it does not count because i added it on it was soldring wire cut to size painted gold and glued firmly in place.

and of course added crew done in the same method as the other the crew are painted weathered to mae uniforms dirty and glued in place only to try and perk it up a bit but 8509 is still basic so 61520 the new model that i got yesterday as far much better than this LNER Apple Green model!

i'll leave you then with some more pics of 61520 the stunner

until next time over and out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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