Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lima J50 Tank Engine update

just a blog to show you my Lima J50 tank engine which has had a slight touch up to it.

on one side of the j50 the silver paint on the handrails and worn off and since it had silver paint on the handrails on the other side of the loco i thought id paint the handrails silver to match by carefully lining up with Tamiya masking tape and using a tub of Humbrol silver paint not sure which number but it deffinately aint 21 thats for sure :p

i've also done the same thing to the smokebox door cearfully painting the rails on the front with the same number silver paint and i think it looks better like this don't you agree.

not only that but this loco makes a different noise now then it did when i first had it basically it happened when the loco stalled on some points and some smoke came out from it whilst making the day in the life of a j50 tank engine video so removing it from the points and putting it back on the mainline it has from then made that sound.

i'll leave you now with this lip of the j50 shunting some wagons and tell me what you think of the noise

until next time tah tah for now

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