Friday, 2 September 2011

Hornby Greseley LNER Teak Coaches arrive!!

Today a package arrived from Ebay what could it be? note the fact there is actually 13 stamps on the parcel.

many minutes and sore hands later i finally got this big peice of polesterine out of the parcel.

and this is what came out three LNER Greseley Teak coaches desgined by well who else but Sir Nigel Greseley himself!

here are the three Teak coaches all lined up they are actually split from a train pack though it is unknown to me

and here is the world famous 4472 Flying Scotsman herself coupled to the Teak coaches i know have a rake of four.

heres a closer shot of the Teak coaches note the class 86 in the background!

there is an easily notiable difference between these two Teaks see if you know what it is.

heres one of the three new Teaks i got today they all have plastic wheels as shown here

while this one which i have had for ages actually has metal wheels!

but besides the wheels they run beautifully and to prove that point here are some clips of my clas 86 and Flying Scotsman pulling them.

                                      until tomorrow when i upload a new YouTube video which will be a class 50 railtour over and out :D

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