Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hornby GWR Clerestory brake coach

recieved a package today from Ebay what could it be?.. well theres only one thing it can be

and that is my new GWR Clerestory brake coach to go with my other one seen above the box

its a beautiful coach and is a smooth runner indeed

while this coach as you can see has plastic wheels

the other coach has metal wheels as you can see here

other than the wheels there is no other differences apart from the fact the linning is darker and the things aboce the doors are painted but thats about it.

they are also the same length as one another :)

all the same its a very smooth runner no problems and i highly reccomend them i now have a full rake of GWR Clerestorys despit only having two but i don't plan to extend the rake.

and here is another shot of the coach

i'll leave you now with these photos of my B12'S withthe coaches look out for a loaded test video of 61520s loaded test with the coaches soon until next time.......

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