Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The News!

just thought it was high time i gave out some news and do another blog since i last did one last week so here we go =)

first off all i get an extra two days of school (YESSSSS!!!!!) i was actually meant to go back today but going to the school they said we wern't to go back to Thursday so thats a bonus considering my sister goes back tomorrow so i shall spend tomorrow at Nuneaton and some videos will follow.

plus i still have some upcoming a few from Yesterdays visit to Water Orton they aren't much but will do and a video of a DCR liveried class 31 (31601) in Bescot Yard is still to follow

as for Model Railways im working on a video of my Hornby class 56 West Burton PowerStation 56128 on a coal train some filming has been done today but more will commence tomorrow hopefully =)

plus also for reviews i have a Hornby class 50 arriving in the post from S&J Models the class 50 is called Agincourt no. 50013 so keep an eye out for that review cause that will be something well worth the wait ;)

until next time tah tah for now

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