Sunday, 11 September 2011

Project: Restoring Ivatt 2-6-2T Tank Engine 41221 part 1

in this 2 part Blog we well be telling the stories of an engines overhaul and return to service this engine is not new it is old i've had it since 2007 and been out of service since then and is none other that a Bachmann Ivatt 2-6-2T Tank Engine in BR Black livery and numbered 41221

First bought in 2007 from Modellers Mecca i obtained this model second hand and ran well and did me for several months until its fate approached!

as you can clearly see here the wheelset has broke to you it may be nothing but you ain't seen nothing yet

when ever it was picked up the wheels would fall out with the siderods still intact :(

if you look where there's a red arrow you should see a gaping hole this is because the white plastic thing round the axles has broke and split in two and obvious repair however we are working to restore and return it to former glory so lets get started on the proper thing

we sent off for a wheelset from the Bachmann repair service and the delivery was quick LOL here we see the fresh and smart looking new wheelset.

here are the bogies only one can be used as the front one is damaged but don't worry we have sent off for another aswell as some other things.

first we had to disconnect the siderods the go the the broken wheels as you can clearly see!

one of the broken wheels and some small pins and a rod aswell :P

an overlook of the new wheelset

the underframe part was removed the get the wheels out note you may spot some greae on it!

the bodyshell of the Ivatt Tank on the Loco cradle from Peco

the damaged wheels are finally removed here they are together

we had to look at the connecting rods on my other Ivatt to put them on right on 41221 this ivatt in the photo is 41218

the new wheelset is finally placed in.

time for a break and i enjoy this big slice of Pizza :D

what the Ivatt looks like without the bodyshell :O

the connecting rods on the first side are all connected up

and they are connected up on the otherside aswell of course

the bodyshell is put back on now we are getting some where

we fit the spring back on the front and solder the wires up ready to put the new front bogie on when it comes

thats it for this blog in part 2 when the new parts arrive we will lookat the final part of the Ivatts return to traffic!!!!

until next time go to bed LOLZ

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