Friday, 21 October 2011

Class47Peter Goes Full HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep thats right folks im going HD but why is the question well let me explain the story in full.

since December 2010 i was giving a Samsung SMX-C20 for my Birthday and up to this point i have been using it despite the fact i had to convert every thing i made with it to make into a video to cap it off whenever i placed the camera on a flat surface i had to balance it on a random object in order to film plus it would regulary play up in i zoomed in on things and would take ages to focus >:(

however recently the camera broke and i was unable to film things so it was taken Back to Argos for another one.But i came home today from School only to realize that they don't have them in anymore so instead i was given a different camera i said it better be good and now im as happy as can be as its the DZ- HV575E which is a HD camera
im just speechless at this since i can now have HD videos im now just dying to go out and film stuff but sadly i can't just yet. starting from the next video all will be filmed in Full HD may still have to convert the videos but im just literally pleased with this no more camera blancing or bad focus and converting all photos and videos time to celebrate i thing.

and if you don't believe me then you can think what you like it would be incredibly pointless to take a photo of the box or the camera just to prove it but all i will say is wait until the next video ;)

anyway thankyou for my time i've blabbered on long enough so good bye

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