Friday, 23 December 2011

Bachmann 7739 Pannier Tank Detailing Updates!

well this is just something quick to show you some updates that have been done to my Bachmann Pannier Tank 7739 which was first bought in 2008.

           This photo shows what she looked like long before the details were added.

            and this is her now you can't see most of the detailing yet but you will do.

                                           a Head Lamp has been added on the front (the headcode reads Stopping Passenger) since i don't intend to use this loco on Freight. the Head Lamp came from a SpringSide GWR Lamp pack.

                                     a few Lamps have also been added on the side of the loco whre the wheel arch is they are there because sometimes some lamps were put on the side of locos.

                                some detailing has also been added on the rear of the loco first we have some Hammers that have been glued on the coal bunker. the reason for them on their is because they were used to break up any large peices of coal which was a very unpleasent job.

      i have also added locomotive tools these came in the detailing pack for  the Hornby Battle of Britain Sir Eustace Missenden but decided to put them on the pannier as they suit it more it wasn't easy to put them on BTW but i got there in the end.

                                 and thats it although she isn't quite done yet i want to get some SpringSide Loco Buckets and add a few on 7739 but i can't order any yet though due to the post not running at christmas time but i will get some eventually.

         anyway thats all i have time for today i would have done a YouTube video but i didn't have the time for it due to being busy but atleast i have made a blog about it anyway.

so i'll leave you with this photo of 7739

                  until next time

                  cheerio and have a Merry Christmas

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