Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Back from Trident Trains

well as the Blog Title confirms i have just come back from Trident Trains and im just speechless its simply an amazing Model Shop.

with amazing prices, a large selection of locos, wagons, coaches, scenery and buildings and of course being a bigger shop its now my favourite one and i shall be visitng there again im just impressed with it.

when i walked inside i felt as if i was in heaven or somethin (don't ask me why) but they are fare much better than Modellers Mecca because at Trident Trains the prices are more suitable, its bigger and they have more locos so going to Modellers Mecca can now go in the bin where it belongs.

but anyway i bet there are some people wondering out there if i got anything from there well the answer to that is simple and its yes i did.

firstly is a Hornby Battle of Britain (the unrebuilt) version and this one is 34090 Sir Eustace Missenden and this is a loco i've been after for a long time plus its the fourth Southern Region loco i have :D

 the other item i got is a Hornby LNER A4 and this one is Golden Plover split from a trainset which i think is called The Queen of Scots since it carries the headboard with that written on it its also tender driven with a new motor fitted and has cab detailing thats painted but i won't say anymore you will have to wait for the review of it tonight in which the a4 will be the first of the two to have a review.

                                      anyways that is it for this blog until next time
                                                  goodnight and thanks for reading

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