Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas is approaching!

well Christmas is approaching only atleast 14 days (Two Weeks) to go more or less. anyways who is looking forward to Christmas i know i am i mean who doesn't like Christmas........

anyway i would like to take this time to say that this will be the First Christmas without my nan who passed away on October the 28th upsetting i know but im beginning to get over it and she woudn't want us to not celebrate Christmas :'(

but on the plus side im thinking of doing a Xmas video of all the Model Railway stuff i may be getting for Christmas if i of course get any but wether i do a video on Christmas day or not i don'tknow or i may even do a blog but nothings been decided yet.

what i will say is that i will be getting two Locomotives/Engines i of course know what they are but you Don't

so thats why i am thinking of doing reviews of them one possibly on Xmas day and the other reviewed on Boxing Day what do you think please do give me your thoughts.

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