Friday, 30 December 2011

Its My Birthday!

Yep thats right folks Todays my Birthday and today i turned 17 finally i can now drink a Bottle of WKD or at least i think i can anyway :P

anyway i bet your wondering what i got well this is why im gonna show you some photos of the stuff i got and that includes the stuff from Trident Trains.

1.  some Wii Games Namely Sonic Sega All Stars & Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

2. Some Sweets well why who doesn't have sweets on their Birthday
 3. a book on Pugs and some other sweets.

4. a total of 9 Bags of Model Railway scatter you can't see them all but i got one bag out to show ya

5. now for the items from Trident Trains we have a Hornby class 73 Stewats Lane and a class 121 BubbleCar in BR Green with Speed Whiskers im chuffed that they still had it in stock :D

Here are some photos of what the models look like

these models yes will be reviewed soon but not until the disc for the camera i use to film the reviews arrives so until then reviews are on hold but eventually the will be reviewed.

so thats all i have time for tonight

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