Sunday, 18 December 2011

some updates!

just a small blog to announce some updates that are going on and this is the second blog i've done in a row did on yesterday and now im doing another one nothing wrong with that :L

first off i have changed the chanel design back to the old one i just prefer the old one for some reason they new ones are alright but i like the old one for reasons i can't be bothered to say :P

also tomorrow im off to Water Orton why Water Orton cause they have a Chip shop i mean come on name another place that has a chip shop i can name one and thats no one besides Water Orton :P

and we are going cause we ain't been for a while.

then on Wednesday we will be going to Trident Trains and i may bring something back as i will ghet £60 to take so hah.

and thats about it until next time Merry Xmas since its now only a week away :D

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