Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas Presents of 2011!

Right well this is a blog i have promised to do showing the stuff i got for Christmas however this is not all of it i have lots of other stuff but it would simply take forever to take photos and put them on here.

so without further or do lets get started.

1. an IPod Nano this is one of my Favourite prezzies i have received also shown are headphones and a cable of some sort.

2. Sweets and Chocolates as it wouldn't be a Christmas without them :P but this is not all of them though.

3. A Mug, Coaster and Tray set with Pictures of Steam Locomotives on

4. Stig BubbleBath or should i say The Tame Racing Driver Bubblebath.  Some say if he went on Celebrity Love Island they would all be pregnant including the Camera Men and in his Wallet he Keeps a picture of his Wallet.

5. a Heritage Railway 2012 Calender

6. some Hornby Skaledale stuff mainly a Modern Bus Shelter, a Garden shed and a Lytch Gate

7. Some MetCalfe Buildings mainly an Engine Shed and Shops

8. WoodLand Scenics stuff Rock Debris and PolyFibre

9. Some Hornby Animals

10. A Hornby GWR 14XX (1400) 1470 in BR Lined Green this was the first present i opened and its a Superb runner.

11. an Airfix LMS 4F Fowler Loco in BR Black a great runner despit being a little noisy

and thats about it i got other stuff such as a couple of DVDS after shave (i know have plenty of that spray stuff know) and many other things.

i did get spending money but i only got £20 because i spent my usual £100 early so i will have to wait until my Birthday next week to see how much money i get.

but i have spoken long enough so i hope you all enjoy the rest of Christmas

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