Saturday, 17 December 2011

YT new channel design thoughts and visit to Trident Trains

well this will be a blog about two things now this will be the first.

but anyways first lets get the thoughts of the new YouTube Channel Designs out of the way. my thoughts well its brief and blunt and that is not as good as the old ones now don't get me wrong and im not putting YouTube down or anybody else but i prefer the old channel designs to the new ones why? because they are just better plus you can see the channel comments the description page at the sides where as on the new ones you can't so i will change them back to normal very soon as soon as i can find out how since i have mesaged someone hoe to do it XD.

anyways moving onto the next thing to talk about and that is Trident Trains.

well whats to talk about well i will be making two visits this one on on Wednesday next week and one one Friday (not next week but the week after) on my Birthday but why am i going well because it makes a change than going to Modellers Mecca all the time.
now im not criticising them or anything but maybe going to Trident Trains will be more exciting and maybe cheaper because the only things Modellers Mecca have at resonable or cheapish prices are Second Hand items while others are just expensive i could list the prices they do of the items they sell but i'll lets sleeping dogs lie ;)

but i think going to Trident Trains will be very exciting and will be a change as im looking forward to see what it looks like and possibly visitng in the near future although i will be visitng on my Birthday and who knows on Wednesday i may bring something back with me.

so on the BombShell its time to stop typing and finish so i will so yo all very soon

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