Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cancelled reviews and other updates

well since its the last day of January and haven't posted much on the Blog thought i would share a couple of announcements.

firstly i have decided that the reviews of Airfix LMS 4F Fowler and Hornby GWR 14xx i was gonna do are now not going to happen why because i can't find the time and since its now 2012 i just think its now not worth reviewing some items i got for christmas last year. however i will still be doing other reviews but just not of Airfix 4F or the GWR 14xx class.

anyways this weekend is the Stafford Model Railway exhibition and yes i shall be going to it i will be going on the Saturday since i can't go Sunday and i shall be filming it and i will put up a video unless i split it.

this aint the first time i have been to an Exhibition but didn't bother filming the last one i went to. and who knows maybe i will bring something back since i am getting this weeks pocket money but im not too sure at the moment.

anyway Must go cheerio!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

The First Corgi BlackPool Tram gets motorised!

well i haven't done a blog in ages but this one will be about the first BlackPool Tram in my collection that will be motorised.

i so far have three Corgi BlackPool Trams and i will be getting more however the project is to get them motorised which will happen first before getting more trams.

basically i have bought a Bachmann PCC Trolley (the motor which is put into Corgi BlackPool Trams for those that motorise them) and i will put it into one of my trams if successful more will be motorised but i would have thought it will be very successful indeed.

  but which tram will be the first to get Motorised well i have already decided and that one is.

The Corgi BlackPool Royal Mail Tram (which is a limited edition and has a certificate) but why have i chosen this one. well thats because this one is my favourite one so far out of the trams i have got so far.

so thats all i have time for today for this blog but do keep you mits open as i plan to do a how to video on putting motors into Corgi BlackPool Trams.

                                             until next time..........

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hornby 2012 Range Thoughts

well this is a blog im making on my thoughts on the Hornby 2012 Range Products.

well my thoughts are simply amazing and impressive it was definately well worth the wait till today for them to be released instead of the 25th december 2011.The Diamond Jubilee Trainset is interesting as not only does it come with a Gold Plated 6201 Queen Elizabeth(Lizzie) it marks the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee this year. The Double Tender Bittern is also quite interesting aswell maybe they should do one next year of Dominion of New Zealand. there is just alot of suprises to look forward to this year including the New Super Detail class 67 this example shown is in DB SCHENKER livery.

 one thing thats interesting is the Hornby 2012 Club Model its simply the tooling of that used for the 2009 model i mean why coudn't they have used a different model for this year.

this loco is called Queen Elizabeth II and has the number 60 on it possibly to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee however so many years ago we already had a Queen Elizabeth II model and carried the number 80 that was a simple 0f Pug locomotive. i think that they should have used that model and gave it this livery and Number or they could have atleast used a different model either the class 06 or the locomotive they use as Little Giant.

apart from that though the 2012 Range is still superb and as a matter of fact i will defenately be getting some of the models from the 2012 Range here they are Listed.

1. the Network Rail GUV to go with my Lima class 31 as i have plans to have a Network Rail Test Train on my layout.

2. The Hornby 2012 wagon

3. The Hornby Nothern Bell Train Pack

                                            4. Hornby Northern Bell Coach Pack
                                         5. Hornby Northern Belle class 47

Being honest im mostly looking forward to getting the Nothern Bell trainpack, coachpack and the Class 47 why because the Northern Belle is my favourite dining train and the 47s will go really well with my collection of class 47s which is my all time favourite Diesel Locomotive.

another interesting note is that the Hornby class 91 (Intercity 225) has returned this year in East Coast Mainline Flying Scotsman Livery could this be a Retooled version. we will have to wait and see

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

well im just stopping by to stay Happy New Year to Everyone and i hope and  expect new videos from me in 2012. Trainspotting has been really good in 2011 but lets just hope that 2012 is better.

i also want to say that Reviews are now gonna be in HD as i have now found a fix to ajusting the volume to make it higher. so i will start with the Locos i got for my Birthday, then the ones i got for Xmas and so on.

anyway thats all i have time for today

                      until next time tah tah for now