Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cancelled reviews and other updates

well since its the last day of January and haven't posted much on the Blog thought i would share a couple of announcements.

firstly i have decided that the reviews of Airfix LMS 4F Fowler and Hornby GWR 14xx i was gonna do are now not going to happen why because i can't find the time and since its now 2012 i just think its now not worth reviewing some items i got for christmas last year. however i will still be doing other reviews but just not of Airfix 4F or the GWR 14xx class.

anyways this weekend is the Stafford Model Railway exhibition and yes i shall be going to it i will be going on the Saturday since i can't go Sunday and i shall be filming it and i will put up a video unless i split it.

this aint the first time i have been to an Exhibition but didn't bother filming the last one i went to. and who knows maybe i will bring something back since i am getting this weeks pocket money but im not too sure at the moment.

anyway Must go cheerio!


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