Sunday, 29 January 2012

The First Corgi BlackPool Tram gets motorised!

well i haven't done a blog in ages but this one will be about the first BlackPool Tram in my collection that will be motorised.

i so far have three Corgi BlackPool Trams and i will be getting more however the project is to get them motorised which will happen first before getting more trams.

basically i have bought a Bachmann PCC Trolley (the motor which is put into Corgi BlackPool Trams for those that motorise them) and i will put it into one of my trams if successful more will be motorised but i would have thought it will be very successful indeed.

  but which tram will be the first to get Motorised well i have already decided and that one is.

The Corgi BlackPool Royal Mail Tram (which is a limited edition and has a certificate) but why have i chosen this one. well thats because this one is my favourite one so far out of the trams i have got so far.

so thats all i have time for today for this blog but do keep you mits open as i plan to do a how to video on putting motors into Corgi BlackPool Trams.

                                             until next time..........

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