Friday, 10 February 2012

00 Gauge Network Rail Structure Gauging train project and class 47 buffers have arrived

well firstly the buffers for the class 47 Dionysos arrived yesterday and the review has been made and will be up soon but i can't exactly say when i will put it up you will just have to be paitent.

also im planning a Model Project similar to the Stobart Pullman project i did some years ago this one will be much different altogether.

i will be making the Network Rail Structure Gauging Train

the reason for this is so that i can have my own test train on my layout. what i will be doing is buying some mk1 and mk2 coaches some Network Rail transfers, Network Rail paint and a Bauxite van to be converted into the optical car thats in the middle of the train.

and who knows i may even consider getting the Hornby Network Rail class 31 that was released last year :D

but thats all for now folks

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