Tuesday, 14 February 2012

back from Water Orton and starting on Network Rail Structure Gauging Train project

well i have come back from Water Orton the weather was cold but the chips from the Fish Bar were nice :Pand yes i have some videos to upload but they won't be on today i will hopefully upload them tomorrow when i have more time and tomorrow is also when i got to Bescot to see 31190 with the Route Learner i mentioned in the last blog :)

but here is something to make the blog more interesting when i got home i was greated with a package along with a note saying we have to pick up another package.

in it was the Railmatch Network Rail Sunshine Yellow and Phoenix Precision Network Rail Roof Grey from Fox Transfers im not sure what the Phoenix Precision paint will be like as i haven't had that sort of paint before but i think it will be just as good as Humbrol, RailMatch etc

here they are when still in the BubbleWrap

and here they are after being unwrapped =)

this is the first coach to be painted into Network Rail Sunshine Yellow for the Structure Gauging Train i already had this coach but i will buy more BR Blue coaches to make a full BR Blue rake sometime in the future besides this will get more use :P

first we had to remove the chassis from underneath the seats are screwed to the chassis and we leave the windows in as they are to be painted yellow like they are in real life.

next i masked the areas where Yellow paint should not go mainly the roof, the corridor gangways and the small windows where the doors are.

now this is where the RailMatch paint comes in LOL

although this photo doesn't show it i have mixed the paint up (why because your supposed too)

this required two coats of paint here is the first coat.

 and here it is ontop of the fishtank in the living room where its warm so the paint can dry you will have to ignore the fact i have left a part Blue that was painted Yellow later =)

here it is with its second coat of paint and now its by the fire guard to mkae it dry better i also gave the other side a second coat of paint too.

now here it is about to have the masking taken off!

and here it is with the masking off and now i haven't painted the roof yet as i have yet to piant it so excuse excess paint on the roof it won't be visible when the roof is Network Rail Roof Grey.

and this is the amount of Masking Tape that was used ROFL

so thats it the next step won't be done till tomorrow im afraid its all due to time

so thats it for now

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