Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chassis now fitted!

well two blogs in one day eh!

well this is just something just to show you more of some of the new items i got today.

                                   Firstly i have fitted the new chassis to 41221 which has been out of service since 2007 but it is now back in buisness and has now returned to full working order and i shal be doing a video of this engine with 41241 my other Ivatt tank engine. The chassis has a slight weathered look but that does not really matter as it makes it look realistic.

i have also fitted the class 47 body onto the class 47 chassis which is made by Hornby and has couplings that are similar to the NEM ones. the body has no Buffers but i have some boxes from my VItrains and Heljian class 47s and they had spare buffers so i will hopefully fit those onto this loco.

                     well thats it for now still doing some stuff with the other new items.

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