Saturday, 11 February 2012

Items bought for Network Rail Structure Gauging Train Project

well today i have bought a heap of items for my Network Rail Structure Gauging Train

first theres the Railmatch Network Rail Sunshine yellow paint and the Network Rail Roof Grey paint by Phoenix Precisions (a company i have never heard of before) but i think the paint will be just as good :)

then theres the Network Rail Transfers in Various Sizes bought off Ebay

next there are Two Triang Maroon Brake Coaches

one of them as the rims on wheels painted white and the inside of the coach painted a white colour which won't be visible anyway when i paint the glazing black.

and the other coach has no rims on the wheels painted white but the inside of the coach is painted a white colour again that won't be visible when the glazing is blacked out :)

now all i need is a Bauxite van to be turned into the Optical car and a MK2 brake coach and some grey - blue paint for the optical car and for on of the ends on the coaches and thats that i will be doing updates of the progress on it on the blog :D

but thats all for now folks

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