Monday, 27 February 2012

Items for sale on Ebay!

yep thats right folks im selling a few items on Ebay and they could be yours!

items im selling are:

Hornby class 06 shunter 06003 in BR Blue Livery

Hornby Collectors Club 06 shunter 06008 in Pullman Livery

the reason for selling these items is because i haven't used them very much now unlike i used too. they both run very well.

The collector club 06 shunter 06008 is in mint condition with no scratches or marks at all

whilst 06003 in BR Blue Livery is in good condition and has a Crack in one of the rear buffers and one of the white posts on the side is missing.

the money made from selling these items will go towards the Heljan class 28 CoBo im saving up for

thats it for now folks i'll catch you all later

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