Saturday, 4 February 2012

Items from The Stafford Model Railway Exhibition

well i have just come back from the Stafford Model Railway Exhibition and it was actually pretty cool and yes i shall be uploading a video and yes i did bring back some items with me.

First off we have a couple of Leaflets mainly of preserved railways and two for the Llangollen Railways Steel Steam and Stars III gala this year!

A packet of not one, not two but five Pipettes don't ask me why i got five cause i wasn't the one that bought them my mom did :P

A tube of Backdrops not sure how many is in it but it is heavy though.

                                                 A new chassis for one of my Ivatts 262T Tank Engines
                                                  Some Hornby Skaledale Lamps and Big Bins
                                                           A Hornby class 47 Bodyshell this one is Dianysos the buffers aren't on the body but they might be inside wrapped up as i haven't opened it up yet but you may ask why have i bought this well.
                                                   That is why i have bought a Hornby class 47 Chassis which will be for this loco.

and thats it hope you have enjoyed seeing all this stuff i got LOLZ

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