Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Network Rail Structure Gauging Train Project part 2 and news

right heres part 2 of the Network Rail Structure Gauging Train Project which im so far really pleased with =D

well here is the coach i began working on yesterday if you remember yesterdays Blog anyway here we have the sides of the coach masked up ready to paint the roof this will prevent the paint dripping down the sides of the coach and spoiling it.

now here is the roof painted using Phoenix Precision Network Rail Roof Grey.

and here it is im really pleased with the paint as there are now brush lines are signs of the paint peeling off also the job is perfect as no Grey paint is visible on the actual coach :D

heres another view of the coach :P

Right then the parcel mentioned in Yesterdays blog was picked up today what could be inside it?

and its one of the two BR MK1 Brake coaches in Maroon Livery!

and here it is out of the box in its current Maroon livery which will not last ;)

and here are the White Wheel Trims which i think makes the wheels stand out more :P

taken the coach apart weren't as easy as i thought it would be basically i had to remove two screws from underneath which allowed the sides of the coach to come out as you can see here!

the sides of the coach are painted using RailMatch Network Rail Sunshine Yellow the windows will be painted black later like they are meant to be.

Then the roof was painted using Network Rail Roof Grey again im really pleased with the paint.

The First coach is now almost finished with the small windows painted Black and the body fixed back onto the chassis all i need now is to wait for the Transfers to arrive.

Heres another shot of the coach again i still need the Transfers before this is finished.

on the second coach the windows are now painted Black like they are supposed to be in real life.

then the coach was put back together was was just as difficult as it was when taking it apart.

and there we have it two almost finish Network Rail Structure Gauging Train coaches.

right now for some news basically today when i went for 31190 working the DB SCHENKER Route Learner it didn't show up which means no video :O

but there is still Friday when im off to Tamworth ;)

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