Friday, 17 February 2012

Network Rail Structure Gauging Train Project part 3 and Anouncements

aswell as showing the near completed Network Rail Structure Gauging Train i will be posting a few announcements on here :)

but first its the Structure Gauging Train.

Yesterday not one but two parcels arrive on my DoorMat what is inside them?

well one of them was the Airfix MK2 Brake Coach

And the Triang MK1 Brake Coach in Maroon Livery

first i worked on the MK2 Brake by removing the chassis and the windows.

Then i masked the areas where the Yellow Paint should not go.

applying the first coat of Network Rail Sunshine Yellow

followed by the second coat!

And not long after the Transfers arrive :D

i put the first two Transfers in a Dish of water (the water must not be too deep)

I apply the two Transfers on the first coach i ever did

and i apply another two Transfers on the second coach i did

so that means these two coaches are now finally finished.

back to the MK2 Brake we then tape the sides of the coach to protect them whilst painting the roof.

The roof now painted with the Network Rail Roof Grey paint.

and heres what it looks like after the tape was removed.

now on one of the ends of the coaches tape was added to be painted a blue-grey sort
 of colour.

and this is the paint i'll be using its basically for one of the ends of the MK1 AND MK2 coaches and the optical car like you see on the real thing.

okay the paint may not like exactly perfect but it is very close to the colour of the Optical Car and the ends of the coaches so thats all that matters perfect isn't everything you know LOL.

so here it is when the tape is removed its a very neat job indeed no paint has run down the sides thankfully :)

and the windows are added back in which btw the windows where the Blue paint .
is where also painted to match.

and the body is fixed to the chassis yes i did add the Transfers on which will be covered in a short while.

Now for some work on the MK1 Brake again the the previous MK1 Brake it comes apart like the other one by removing screws and the sides come out.

The first coat of Network Rail Sunshine Yellow is added.

Back to the MK2 Brake the Transfers are now finally added.

and so this make it the third coach that is completed.

and here are the three completed coaches pictured on the layout ready for work.

Going back to the MK1 Brake after a second coat of Sunshine Yellow the windows are painted Black.

and then its fixed to the chassis and the roof is added at last.

and then one of the ends is painted just like the MK2.

and yes i have completed this coach and transfers have been added but the computer fails to show the photos in the photo folder but trust me this coach is finished.

now for the announcements firstly the Optical Car will not be done just yet at this moment in time as i have to buy a Bauxite van to convert it which will happen at some point.

also today i went to Tamworth which was awesome so hopefully i will have to videos aswell as the ones from Water Orton uploaded over the weekend.

also i have won this Virgin Trains class 47 off Ebay :D

so thats all for now folks

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