Saturday, 18 February 2012


Well folks over the weekend i should hopefully get the videos of Water Orton and Tamworth up so keep your eyes peeled i also have a Model Railway video coming up too!!!!

now although it is a little early to be announcing this but this Year i will have been on YouTube for 5 years now last year i did a video for those who subscribed watched the videos and friends this year im deciding what to comemerate for this year. well the plan is to do something class 47 related since they are my top favourite diesel of all time shall i covert all old footage of class 47s i have on tapes when i was little and filmed in the good old days or have a video showing my fleet of class 47s and running them or both?

speaking of class 47s im going to be having my own fleet of class 47s on my Model Railway by buying different ones in different liveries.

also in May im hoping to go to the Nene Valley Railway for the first time for their Diesel Gala mainly because i will be able to see a class 56 in action for the first time since 2008! as 56091 newly acquired from DCR will (provisionally) be attending it hasn't been finalised yet but i hope so.

so thats it folks i will see you all soon.

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