Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saving up for a Heljan class 28 CoBo Metropolitan Vickers (MetroVick)

I think i may have already announced this briefly in the last Blog i did but i will just announce it again but in more detail (well sort of) :P

Basically im currently saving up for a Heljan class 28 CoBo Diesel

The one in particular im getting is D5705 which is the one that is actually Preserved being the soul survivor of this class :D

okay yes there are other class 38s on Hattons but this is the one i want out of all of them.

However it will be atleast 4 weeks until i get it why? because even though i get EMA (no saying how much i get though i may have said at one point) it have done my Maths so thats how i know although im selling some of mah old toys on Ebay such as Robot Wars, BattleBots etc etc i may get it earlier but who knows though we will have to see :P

but i will be getting this so in the meantime enjoy the other reviews i have put up cause the review of this when i get it won't come till atleast after 4 weeks.

but look on the brightside this can be a special video for 226 Subscribers which i have now reached.

but thats it for now folks enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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