Monday, 13 February 2012

Trainspotting Trips in Half Term Holidays!

well this week there are a few trips planned for Trainspotting firstly we have a visit to Water Orton tomorrow it will be the first visit to Water Orton in ages plus theres the Fish Bar which we will also be going to while there besides every time we have visited Water Orton we have always been to the Fish Bar.

then of course Wednesday will be visiting Bescot for 31190 which will be working a Route Learner (in fact its working all week inbetween Monday and Friday)

then either on Thursday or Friday theres a visit to Tamworth which i recommend you visit because you get lots of interesting photos and videos there and theres a High Level and Low Level and thats something none of the other stations on the Trent Valley have :D

so as you can see theres some exciting visits and videos to lookforward too in the meantime enjoy the latest video i have uploaded of a Model Railtour the GridIron Explorer.

thats all for now folks

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