Saturday, 25 February 2012

Uploading videos from old tapes and other announcements

well i have been fidling about with an idea recently and i have decided to uploaded videos from Old Tapes from when i was a child. but of course only uploading train videos i have a decent amount so why not upload videos from the 90s or early 2000's it will be nice to have a look back.

the first of videos will be from 2001 when we visited the Isle of Wight where i will upload some videos of the Island Line Tube Trains in Dinosaur Liver aswell as the IOW Steam Railway.

anyways now some general announcements i am will at some point start to save up for the Hornby Northern Belle Train Pack (despite it being a Pre Order) along with those i shall also get the Coach Pack and 47802 to go with 47790 and the Northern Belle.

along with these items there are other things i plan to get this year aswell as the 2012 wagon.

theres 87019 which would go nicely with my Hornby class 86 Caledonian.

then there may be the Diamond Jubilee Royal Train pack that comes with Britannia

Then theres what im currently saving up for the Heljan class 28 CoBo Diesel MetroVick (or MetroPolitian Vickers).

and aswell as a few more items.

so thats it for now folks =)

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