Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Virgin class 47 arrives on my Door Mat!

today when i camehome from school i was pleased that a Brown Parcel had arrived on my Door Mat.

the first thing i did when i came home was not only take a photo but open it up :P

then we come down to the BubbleWrap which was taped to the box of the Locomotive but i was able to get the BubbleWrap of all the same.

and what came out of the BubbleWrap was my Virgin Trains class 47 trust me this has arrived but i didn't take a photo of the actual locomotive that is why im using this photo. and a review of this loco is now on YouTube and this loco adds to my fleet of class 47s in which im going to have btw.

thats all for now folks tah tah and good night

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