Thursday, 29 March 2012

00 Gauge Caley 828 project

yep thats right im actually going to be modelling my own Caley 828 812 class from a Bachmann Donald/Douglas model and i hoping it will look just like the real thing too.

work as already started and im hoping to put on some photos of its progress soon :)

until next time sleep tight and i only have one more school day till i get two weeks off :D

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Make way for the Jinty!

sorry King William IV but you will have to wait :P

but as the title says we must make way for the class 3F Jinty why well because i am getting one from Bachmann YAY

i have been after a kinty for quite a while now especially since mah Triang one isn't as detailed or as good and it is starting to knock about abit now and going to the SVR Spring Steam Gala as made me want one of these as they are impressive locomotives.

and im planning to recreate scenes from the SVR Spring Steam Gala with this model ;)

until next time good night

Thursday, 22 March 2012

svr Steam Railway Magazine Spring Gala

yep thats right folks this weekend on Saturday i shall be going to the Severn Valley Railway for the Steam Railway Magazine Spring Gala it will be the first preserved line visited in 2012 and i will be able to use my new HD camera.

the locomotives attending the event are as listed:

LNER A4 Pacific no.4464 Bittern

              Caledonian class 812 no. 828 final visit before returning to its real home in Scotland

GNR N2 Tank no.1744 making a returned visit

BR J72 No. 69023 Joem

and finally LMS Jinty class 3f  Fowler no.47406

just like last time i hope to get all the visitors on camera and the video will be the 700th video i will have uploaded however this may have to be in seperate parts though but i don't care.

this will also mean to footage i took today from a visit to Stafford will have to wait until after i have filmed the SVR Steam Railway Magazine Spring Gala and got it on YouTube.

until then see you all soon ;)

Monday, 19 March 2012

class47peter gets a new camera AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep thats right folks i've gotten another new camera you may ask why?

well the previous camera i owned devolped a fault over the weekend. the fault was the volume stopped working all together and could only be heard when played on the computer >:( 

on top of that the cameras volume wasn't very loud before the fault ayway and the volume had to ajusted in WaveLab just to make the volume higher then it was when filming trains or my Model Railway.

so i took the camera back to Argos today and got a new one happy days :D

this camera however is different and yes this one is a HD camera. the camera i have is the Hitachi DZHV592E.

the camera isn't tall like the last camera so hopefully filming will be much easier and im hoping the volume will be much louder on this camera so i won't have to ajust it on WaveLab.

and yes this camera will be used in future videos ;)

right thats it for now folks

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Adding people to a Hornby class 121 Bubblecar and King William IV

well here is something a little bit different instead of recently just giving out announcements.

after looking at an article in a Hornby Magazine i have decided to put some people inside my class 121 to mkae it more realistic besides it was the Hornby Magazine that inspired me to do this :)

                                                 A driver will be added in the cab.

                                              and people inside the Bubblecar.

                                         first i put the class 121 in a Peco Loco Craddle.

there were two screws that were required to be taken out this is one of them.

and after removing both screws which wasn't very easy to do.

                                               the body was able to be removed.

                                            here are some of the people i will be using.

so then i glued them in place using PVA glue since i didn't have any super glue.

the driver who was put in the cab actually had to have his legs cut off to fit in but it aint noticable anyway ROFL

and this guy had to have his legs cut off aswell but it hopefully won't be noticable when the body is put back on.

does anybody notice the two identical passengers in this :P

and as for this guy well im sure the guard well tell him to get his feet of the seats and sit properly LOL

and then the body was fixed back on but trust me it was a nightmare.

                                                    but atleast the driver looks satisfied :P

right now then remember the last blog when i said i was going to make my mind up on getting ether the Bachmann Super D or Hornby King William IV well i've decided and.

i will be getting the Hornby King William limited edition of 1200

the reason is because i eant it and it looks superb and of course its a limited edition :)

and the box looks interesting from the cover plus i can get this for less than its RRP of £143

well that ends this blog for now goodbye and enjoy the rest of the weekend

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Super D or King William IV

although i said i was getting the Bachmann Super D im now on a toss up on what to decide between two locomotives.

theres of course the Super D by Bachmann

or there is the Hornby King Class 4-6-0 "King William IV" GWR - The Royal Mail Great British Railways Collection. Limited edition

from looking at the photos this model looks stunning ;)

on top of all things its a limited edition, it comes with a certifcert and the box looks interesting.

anyway thats all for now i will decide soon which to get

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Saving up for Bachmann Super D LMS G2A

yes as the title says im now starting to save up for the Bachmann Super D LMS G2A the one im gonna get will be the one as shown on the photo instead of coming from Hattons it will come from another place altogether ;)

and you may ask why announce something like this well............... its because i wan't to

until next time goodbye and sleep tight

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bachmann Super D to make its way into my hands

well you've probably guessed it by now that the next item im saving up for will be the Bachmann LMS Super D G2A in BR Livery with Early Emblem.

yes i do still buy Steam Locomotives just because i was recently buying a couple of diesels doesn't mean i've stopped getting Steam Locomotives.

anyways this blog may not be much but its still something until next time cheerio

This News just in The Heljan CoBo Arrives!

yep thats right folks yesterday the Heljan CoBo arrived on my DoorStep and a special review has been posted on YouTube in two parts please view it now if you haven't already.

i also want to point out that this wasn't for 228 subs after all turns out i only have 216 but im sure last time i checked it was 228 *Shuds shoulders* oh well never mind these things happen :P

Friday, 9 March 2012

Heljan CoBo purchased!

Yep thats right folks i have now ordered a Heljan class 28 MetroVick CoBo no.d5705 the preserved one and whenit arrives there will be a special review of it.

anyway thaeres not reallt much more else to say other than goodbye :P

Monday, 5 March 2012

1 Shunter sold the other up for second chance offer!

well yes as you can guess one of the class 06 shunters has been sold suprsingly it was the BR Blue one and not the Collectors one (which to be honest i was expecting this one to be sold and not the BR Blue one)

but the Collectors Club class 06 has been Relisted on Ebay for 3 days (don't ask)


if this item is sold this week i will be able to get the CoBo if not i will have to wait another week >:(

so i hope someone will buy this one fingers crossed

until next time

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Item sold on Ebay

this item im talking about that has just been sold on Ebay isn't the class 06 shunters from Hornby as they don't end till tomorrow.

basically when i came home after seeing the Northern Belle at Bescot the first thing i did when i got back home was check Ebay to see if the JobLot of BattleBots toys i was selling had been sold and the  BattleBots Toys had been sold for £10.00 which has really made my day :)

and im now one step closer to getting my Heljan MetroPolitian Vickers (MetroVick) CoBo

oh and before i sign out today is the last chance for those class 06 shunters to end so here are the links:

so thats it for today