Sunday, 18 March 2012

Adding people to a Hornby class 121 Bubblecar and King William IV

well here is something a little bit different instead of recently just giving out announcements.

after looking at an article in a Hornby Magazine i have decided to put some people inside my class 121 to mkae it more realistic besides it was the Hornby Magazine that inspired me to do this :)

                                                 A driver will be added in the cab.

                                              and people inside the Bubblecar.

                                         first i put the class 121 in a Peco Loco Craddle.

there were two screws that were required to be taken out this is one of them.

and after removing both screws which wasn't very easy to do.

                                               the body was able to be removed.

                                            here are some of the people i will be using.

so then i glued them in place using PVA glue since i didn't have any super glue.

the driver who was put in the cab actually had to have his legs cut off to fit in but it aint noticable anyway ROFL

and this guy had to have his legs cut off aswell but it hopefully won't be noticable when the body is put back on.

does anybody notice the two identical passengers in this :P

and as for this guy well im sure the guard well tell him to get his feet of the seats and sit properly LOL

and then the body was fixed back on but trust me it was a nightmare.

                                                    but atleast the driver looks satisfied :P

right now then remember the last blog when i said i was going to make my mind up on getting ether the Bachmann Super D or Hornby King William IV well i've decided and.

i will be getting the Hornby King William limited edition of 1200

the reason is because i eant it and it looks superb and of course its a limited edition :)

and the box looks interesting from the cover plus i can get this for less than its RRP of £143

well that ends this blog for now goodbye and enjoy the rest of the weekend

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