Monday, 19 March 2012

class47peter gets a new camera AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep thats right folks i've gotten another new camera you may ask why?

well the previous camera i owned devolped a fault over the weekend. the fault was the volume stopped working all together and could only be heard when played on the computer >:( 

on top of that the cameras volume wasn't very loud before the fault ayway and the volume had to ajusted in WaveLab just to make the volume higher then it was when filming trains or my Model Railway.

so i took the camera back to Argos today and got a new one happy days :D

this camera however is different and yes this one is a HD camera. the camera i have is the Hitachi DZHV592E.

the camera isn't tall like the last camera so hopefully filming will be much easier and im hoping the volume will be much louder on this camera so i won't have to ajust it on WaveLab.

and yes this camera will be used in future videos ;)

right thats it for now folks

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