Thursday, 22 March 2012

svr Steam Railway Magazine Spring Gala

yep thats right folks this weekend on Saturday i shall be going to the Severn Valley Railway for the Steam Railway Magazine Spring Gala it will be the first preserved line visited in 2012 and i will be able to use my new HD camera.

the locomotives attending the event are as listed:

LNER A4 Pacific no.4464 Bittern

              Caledonian class 812 no. 828 final visit before returning to its real home in Scotland

GNR N2 Tank no.1744 making a returned visit

BR J72 No. 69023 Joem

and finally LMS Jinty class 3f  Fowler no.47406

just like last time i hope to get all the visitors on camera and the video will be the 700th video i will have uploaded however this may have to be in seperate parts though but i don't care.

this will also mean to footage i took today from a visit to Stafford will have to wait until after i have filmed the SVR Steam Railway Magazine Spring Gala and got it on YouTube.

until then see you all soon ;)

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