Saturday, 28 April 2012

Evening Star has arrived!

well Evening Star has arrived today and the review has been filmed but won't be put to together and uploaded till tomorrow because of the pathetic time limit on my movie maker programme on my Laptop.

until next time goodbye and enjoy the rest of ya Saturday

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Evening Star Purchased

yep thats right Ladies  Evening Star has just been purchased from Hattons and when it comes i can star it in videos :D

until next time..... not long now for the weekend

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Moving on to College

well i think its time to bring this topic up that have have kept hidden under my wings for a while!

this year i will finally be leaving school and going onto college for a two year course where i will be learning Independance skills (don't ask).

to be honest im glad im leaving school and going onto college so i can move on and in my free time maybe i will get to trainspot more than i do :)

however im not sure if it will effect the number of videos being uploaded though but we shall have to wait and see.

i applyed going to college early this year and before easter i went for and interview and got a letter a few weeks ago to say i have got the place.

well thats it for know i shall see you all later

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ebay item sold, NR Optical Car finished and what im getting next

yep thats right folks three topics on just one blog well thats something you don't see every day :P

firstly i want to say that i have finally sold the Hornby Collector Club class 06 shunter considering it has been on Ebay three times it didn't sell till the third time well i suppose the saying third time lucky is true after all.

next i want to say i have finally copleted the Network Rail Optical Car for my Network Rail Structure Gauging train which is now complete heres a picture of it.

the only thing it needs doing is having some white lettering on the side which i won't do till a later date but apart from that its pretty much done :D

and finally here is the next item im gonna purchase

A Hornby Evening Star and im saving up for it right now :)

so that wraps this blog up....... till next time

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Item for sale on Ebay


okay this is the third time the Collector Club 06 has gone on Ebay and today it could be yours with the starting bid at £7.00

thats all for now tah tah

Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Day of Railtours and FootBall Specials at Stafford is now up!

yep thats right folks the video is now up and can be viewed on YouTube hope you enjoy it and look out for the clips to be uploaded aswell so people can view the seperatly

until next time...... over and out

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A title change.

just a small announcement to say the 6 Railtours at Stafford video will have the title changed to A day of Railtours and FootBall Specials at Stafford as i think this title suits it more.

until next time enjoy the rest of ya Saturday

Friday, 13 April 2012

6 Railtours at Stafford coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

well tomorrows the day folks is when i go to Stafford tomorrow for Britannia and the FootBall Specials these will be filmed in the afternoon on their return journeys.

one of the football specials goes through before britannia does then Britannia and followed by the other Football specials i also understand Virgin Trains are having to extend their trains and run charter reliefs because of the FootBall.

but anyway thats all for now and i shall put the video in a blog as im gonna have to start linking videos in here again don't you think?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

6 Railtours at Stafford (a video coming soon)

been a while since i last did a Blog

but anyways this is just to announce that this weekend on Saturday i shall be off to Stafford for 6 Railtours that happen to be going through.

one of them is hauled by 70000 Britannia and the others are FootBall specials this will be the first time i have seen this amount of Railtours so im gonna put them into one video.

however i am also gonna considering putting them into seperate videos aswell as in one as i think it will be a good idea :)

but anyways thats it for now not much but it will do and theres only three more days to go till its back to school .-. i will be glad to leave this year but thats another story.

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Caley Project Update 1

well here is the first part of what i like to call the Caley Project which is basically showing you the work in progress of it despite the fact a decent amount of work on it has already been done but oh well :P

firstly here is the bodyshell of Caley 828 which as you can see is yet to have a smokebox door fitted buffers and a coupling hook. the bodyshell has been painted though it has been painted using a paint a mixed myself withy what else but various enamel paints :P plus the bodyshell needs handrails.

Cab steps have also been fitted it wasn't easy to fit them but i have managed to do it and thats all that matters.

now what you are seeing here isn't a handrail but this is thick wire cut and stuck on the side of the boiler because it has this fitted in real life not sure what the actual thing is called though 8L

the handrails on the cab have also been fitted and glued into place and painted silver since blue paint went on them. also the cab doors have been fitted which belive it or not they are thick styrene cut out and glued into place.

a firebox has also been fitted which is something i had in my spares box it isnt painted but it will be and i may even add a fireboc light aswell :)

this is the chassis yes it runs but i feel like the white linning round the outside of the wheels is a bit thick so im gonna see if i can get it thinner.

the tender is so far the part that is actually nearing completion with the exception of the chassis.

the inside of the tender hasn't had much done too it apart from the little coal bunker though.

the coal in the tender is the usual plastic stuff but i do plan to put real coal in the tender though :)

the underframe of the tender has been painted chocolate brown which is close to the colour that it is painted in real life also it has steps and doors again made from thick styrene.

the water tanks on the back of the tender were taken from an old airfix plastic 9f kit i never built and so they were used with a little modifying.

apologie for the pic quality here but you can just see that there is a tender coupling fitted at the back.

now as for the lining on the loco and the tender i have made my own transfers as you can see and these will be used on the model :D

so thats it for now hope you like it so far

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Jinty arrives!

yep thats right Ladies and Gentlemen the Bachmann Jinty has arrived to me yesterday and a review is now in the making.

and im also planning on recreating some scenes from the Severn Valley Railway Spring Steam Gala with this very model.

so thats all for now folks tomorrow is the start of the Easter Holidays :)