Monday, 2 April 2012

The Caley Project Update 1

well here is the first part of what i like to call the Caley Project which is basically showing you the work in progress of it despite the fact a decent amount of work on it has already been done but oh well :P

firstly here is the bodyshell of Caley 828 which as you can see is yet to have a smokebox door fitted buffers and a coupling hook. the bodyshell has been painted though it has been painted using a paint a mixed myself withy what else but various enamel paints :P plus the bodyshell needs handrails.

Cab steps have also been fitted it wasn't easy to fit them but i have managed to do it and thats all that matters.

now what you are seeing here isn't a handrail but this is thick wire cut and stuck on the side of the boiler because it has this fitted in real life not sure what the actual thing is called though 8L

the handrails on the cab have also been fitted and glued into place and painted silver since blue paint went on them. also the cab doors have been fitted which belive it or not they are thick styrene cut out and glued into place.

a firebox has also been fitted which is something i had in my spares box it isnt painted but it will be and i may even add a fireboc light aswell :)

this is the chassis yes it runs but i feel like the white linning round the outside of the wheels is a bit thick so im gonna see if i can get it thinner.

the tender is so far the part that is actually nearing completion with the exception of the chassis.

the inside of the tender hasn't had much done too it apart from the little coal bunker though.

the coal in the tender is the usual plastic stuff but i do plan to put real coal in the tender though :)

the underframe of the tender has been painted chocolate brown which is close to the colour that it is painted in real life also it has steps and doors again made from thick styrene.

the water tanks on the back of the tender were taken from an old airfix plastic 9f kit i never built and so they were used with a little modifying.

apologie for the pic quality here but you can just see that there is a tender coupling fitted at the back.

now as for the lining on the loco and the tender i have made my own transfers as you can see and these will be used on the model :D

so thats it for now hope you like it so far

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