Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ebay item sold, NR Optical Car finished and what im getting next

yep thats right folks three topics on just one blog well thats something you don't see every day :P

firstly i want to say that i have finally sold the Hornby Collector Club class 06 shunter considering it has been on Ebay three times it didn't sell till the third time well i suppose the saying third time lucky is true after all.

next i want to say i have finally copleted the Network Rail Optical Car for my Network Rail Structure Gauging train which is now complete heres a picture of it.

the only thing it needs doing is having some white lettering on the side which i won't do till a later date but apart from that its pretty much done :D

and finally here is the next item im gonna purchase

A Hornby Evening Star and im saving up for it right now :)

so that wraps this blog up....... till next time

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