Thursday, 28 June 2012

Holiday Tomorrow!

well folks tomorrow im off on my holiday i don't come back till next week on Friday so expect no videos during then but i shall come back with some.

im also hoping to go down by the railway line that runs past the campsite we're going too to film some of the trains that pass there whether they are units are not.

besides if they are units i shall still film them as a one off rare thing as i have rarely filmed units but this is different though might aswell make the most of the holiday :)

im also hoping to try and get hold off a Bachmann class 158 when i am down there but we shall have to wait and see

until next time enjoy yourselfs reading mah old blogs cuse i won't be here for a while

oh and im going to buy a prezzie (either jewelery or a bear )for the school teacher i love to bits and shes called Miss Trattos <3 i have left school today and i shall miss her loads but i shall go back to visit her

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bachmanns BR Electric Blue class 85 now released

Bachmanns BR Electric Blue class 85 has now been released and is now avalible to purchase on Ehattons

this locomotive is just simply stunning and its in such an unusual livery too which reminds me of The Blue Pullman Livery but the blue is more lighter (i think) XD

Heres a side shot of the model showing the side windows and the logo on the side of the loco and of course the two pantographs :)

In this shot you can just about make out that there is actually a driver in the cab!

                    A head on shot of the locomotive shows some more of the detail.

                                                                  The box :P

and in this shot it basically shows the length of the locomotive

well what can i say this is deffinately the next train to get as its on my wanted list which i won't get until after the holiday (unless the model shop in Rhyl sells it :P) but i just can't wait to get it

so until then cheerio

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wanted Trains & Locos

Trains & Locos that i will be getting include The Hornby Northern Belle items, Bachmann class 85 in BR Electric Blue,Hornby Heart of Midlothian Train pack, Hornby GWR Railcar, Bachmann LMS Patriot,Hornby InterCity HST,Bachmann 4CEP ,Hornby King Edward I and many more

thats all for now folks

Monday, 25 June 2012

maybe Purchases

just thought i'd like to announce what i may come back with from my holiday in Wales which starts this Friday. the reason im saying maybe is because i haven't decided still if i shall get these.

Hornby GWR Railcar W23W BR Crimson/Cream

Bachmann LMS Paitriot The Royal Leicestershire Regiment in BR Green Early Emblem

thats all for now so tah tah for now and see you soon also i get a day off school tomorrow YAYZ

Sunday, 24 June 2012

off to Wales

well starting from Friday till next week on Friday i shall be in Wales for a Holiday. think its about time i took a break don't you ;)

don't expect any vids while im away i shall hopefully bring some back with me. i will be visiting the Ffestiniog Railway however so expect a video of that.

theres also a railway line that runs by our camp site at Presthaven sands so who knows maybe i will film trains that pass there but nothing is deffinate though yet.

bare in mind i will not be just doing train stuff on holiday the idea is to take a break from things you know.

nd to those who are wondering will i be bring any new models back with me the answer is yes £155 spending money is just great :D

and this is what i am thinking about getting though these could change so its subject to avalibilty

Bachmann LMS Patriot The Royal Leicestershire Regiment

                                      Hornby GWR Railcar W23W BR Crimson/Cream

so on that note im signing out goodbye and i shall see you all soon.

Princess Alice arrives & review now up!

Princess Alice arrived on Friday and a review is now up heres the link so you can go and watch it


i need coaches to match now thankfully i have purchased my first one from S & J Models i hope to have a rake of either x3 or x4

until next time tah tah for now

Monday, 18 June 2012

Princess Alice purchased

yep i have finally purchased Princess Alice it was not very easy to find one due to the fact the website either had it out of stock, it costed american dollars or the website was old and hadn't been updated properly and when we rang up they said they no longer had it >:(

but i have finally purchased it and should hopefully get it sometime this week

btw she came from a website called The Crystal Garden (weird website to buy trains from i know) but thats where she came from trust me ;)

and im deffinetly gonna have to get some matching coaches for this gourgeous engine :P

until next time.............. over and out

Saturday, 16 June 2012

ebay items sold

well the blackpool trams have been sold on Ebay and if your one of them that bought one please pay asap. the sooner they are payed for i can buy Princess Alice

thankyou see you all later

Friday, 15 June 2012

Princess Alice replaces Duchess of Hamilton

well i know i said i was gonna get the Duchess of Hamilton but i have recently stumbled upon another Streamlined Duchess called Princess Alice in a gorgeous blue livery :P

to be honest in my opinion i would prefer getting a blue Streamlined Duchess than a red one why? well because its different and besides when i saw it i thought wow wow wow

and another thing is i have actually been trying to get hold of this one for a long time now well of course up till now. plus also the coronation scot in real life was blue and i can get matching coaches for this aswell.

so therefore Princess Alice shall replace Duchess of Hamilton besides it was bought out again this year but released a few years earlier so i really see now difference in the two apart from the box art.

thats all for now hope you enjoy the weekend

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Corgi Blackpool trams for sale

yes my three Corgi Blackpool trams are up for sale on Ebay either because i  they where for a project that i never got round too.


this is the only tram to have ever been motorised



all profits go towards the Duchess of Hamilton model im saving up for

Duchess of Hamilton on the way

yep thats right folks i shall be getting the NRM Special Edition Duchess of Hamilton thats been bought out again this year next.

and i shall start saving for it next week =D

Railfest video now up

yep the Railfest is now up (well actually its been up since yesterday) and it didn't need to be seperated in more than one part well thats because i can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes so thats probably helped =)

and its a big video so consider it a feature length video :P

thats all for now............. tah tah for now

Friday, 8 June 2012

Railfest 2012 video should be up soon!

well the Railfest video is now just being saved into a file before it goes Live on YouTube (hopefully) its a big video so im not sure if i will be uploaded without having to put it in seperate parts but we shall wait and see and find out to see if it will work

if it doesn't i shall have to do it again (or just edit it)

but for now this is me signing out and will announce more stuff on here soon

tah tah for now

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Railfest 2012 video now in the works

just a quick announcement to say the Railfest 2012 video is now in the works and should be uploadd today however it may have to be uploaded in more than one part though

thats it for now i shall see you lot later on

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Back from Railfest

well i have just got back from Railfest and i had such a great day the Railfest video though won't be uploaded til tomorrow as i need a rest after all that walking around and filming :P

i also called in briefly into York station aswell and got a few shots of some class 91s

and yes to those who are wondering i did get something from Railfest but i will save that for another blog

so thats all for this blog folks until next time...... enjoy the rest of your day

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Railfest Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well folks tomorrow im off to Railfest and im so excited i can hardly wait :D

im really looking forward to it and im excited to look around there step inside locomotive cabs and taking shots of the stuff that is there.

and it shall all be in the Railfest video i upload it may have to be in seperate parts though but we will have to wait and see

until next time........ enjoy the rest of your Tuesday peoples