Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bachmanns BR Electric Blue class 85 now released

Bachmanns BR Electric Blue class 85 has now been released and is now avalible to purchase on Ehattons

this locomotive is just simply stunning and its in such an unusual livery too which reminds me of The Blue Pullman Livery but the blue is more lighter (i think) XD

Heres a side shot of the model showing the side windows and the logo on the side of the loco and of course the two pantographs :)

In this shot you can just about make out that there is actually a driver in the cab!

                    A head on shot of the locomotive shows some more of the detail.

                                                                  The box :P

and in this shot it basically shows the length of the locomotive

well what can i say this is deffinately the next train to get as its on my wanted list which i won't get until after the holiday (unless the model shop in Rhyl sells it :P) but i just can't wait to get it

so until then cheerio

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