Sunday, 24 June 2012

off to Wales

well starting from Friday till next week on Friday i shall be in Wales for a Holiday. think its about time i took a break don't you ;)

don't expect any vids while im away i shall hopefully bring some back with me. i will be visiting the Ffestiniog Railway however so expect a video of that.

theres also a railway line that runs by our camp site at Presthaven sands so who knows maybe i will film trains that pass there but nothing is deffinate though yet.

bare in mind i will not be just doing train stuff on holiday the idea is to take a break from things you know.

nd to those who are wondering will i be bring any new models back with me the answer is yes £155 spending money is just great :D

and this is what i am thinking about getting though these could change so its subject to avalibilty

Bachmann LMS Patriot The Royal Leicestershire Regiment

                                      Hornby GWR Railcar W23W BR Crimson/Cream

so on that note im signing out goodbye and i shall see you all soon.

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