Friday, 15 June 2012

Princess Alice replaces Duchess of Hamilton

well i know i said i was gonna get the Duchess of Hamilton but i have recently stumbled upon another Streamlined Duchess called Princess Alice in a gorgeous blue livery :P

to be honest in my opinion i would prefer getting a blue Streamlined Duchess than a red one why? well because its different and besides when i saw it i thought wow wow wow

and another thing is i have actually been trying to get hold of this one for a long time now well of course up till now. plus also the coronation scot in real life was blue and i can get matching coaches for this aswell.

so therefore Princess Alice shall replace Duchess of Hamilton besides it was bought out again this year but released a few years earlier so i really see now difference in the two apart from the box art.

thats all for now hope you enjoy the weekend

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