Thursday, 27 December 2012

A few Hornby 2014 Range ideas!

Well with the Hornby 2013 Range looking impressive lets just hope the 2014 Range is just as good but here are a few suggestions i have for Mr Kohler and these will make the modellers very happy indeed.

The first idea has to be the Caledonian Single Wheeler ( a premium one of course)

The reason for this idea is because their isn't enough locos like this avalible on the market to buy not to mention that the previous ones they bought out weren't very good either they weren't very detailed and in the case of some were poor runners. I here the Dean Singles are supposed to be better but why not have a much better Single wheeler availble to buy and one that people will actually be satisfied with. Plus this is a unique locomotive only 1 was built in reality and it was lucky to have escaped the hands of the cutters torch so why not have a decent model.

The second idea is the LNER class W1 nicknamed The Galloping Sausage

This is a model that would sell in thousands because there are hardly any models of the W1 avalible so Model Railway Enthusiasts would be more than satisfied with this and considering they are making a P2 why not a W1.

The next is MR 0-10-0 Lickey Banker otherwise known as Big Bertha or Big Emma

The legendary Lickey Banker is a model that isn't avalible to buy as of yet and people would be most impressed with this one since this was a unique loco since it was only being used to bank trains passenger or freight up the lickey and people could replicate that with a model like this plus they could also get it pulling rolling stock around their layouts too.

Colas Rail class 56

Heres a model that those with Modern era layouts or those that collect a bit of everything would be satisfied with a Colas Rail livery Grid. when 56094 amerged from the works in its paintscheme i was impressed with the livery as it suits the 56s well and so far Hornby have only done em in BR Blue Railfeight Coal Sector Load Haul and EWS liveries.

So that sums up my ideas for the Hornby 2014 Range pics are not owened by me they belong to their respective owners.

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