Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Well another year and thats another Christmas gone and my god it has come quick this year but before you know it another one will arrive and besides 2013 aint far off now.

This year has been a real blast though and in a matter of five days time it will be my birthday where i finally turn 18 bout time.

and this year has been another great Christmas a total of £135 spending money isn't bad :D of course had to odd aftershave to atract the women too and a few clothes and chocolate it just woudn't be a xmas without chocolate.

But this year i had alot of stuff for my Model Railway too i had a few Skaledale items they were a greenhouse and some gravestones for my church (which is in for repair at the mo) also their was the Metcalfe buildings (every layout must have buildings) which were a service station, pub and shops, a coaching inn, village shop and cafe and low relief erraced house and shop fronts then theirs the total of 16 bags of scatter i got for scenery amongst two of them were bags of real coal and these will come in useful for what i have in store which is putting them for my locomotives to make them realistic and the Preiser figures (a company i aint heard of before) which were horses, seated passengers and standing passengers one came with a bridesmaid and groom from a wedding :P and things you see in a backgarden like a wheelbarrow, lawn mower and washing clothes line.

topping that with the wagons i had that were a Bogie Bolster in BR Grey with steel girders and a pack of 3 cattlewagons which are weathered. But one of the best deffinately are the locomotives being a Merchant Navy 35012 United States Line from Hornby and a Bachmann D11/2 named Lady of the Lake (what a gorgeous name) which is actually my first 2012 model.

then after christmas dinner and pudding in the form of a Walls Viennetta we sat down to watch the T.V mainly watching xmas specials including the First Mrs Browns Boys christmas special which we saw yesterday i might add and other tv programmes that i can't be bothered to list

so i leave you then to enjoy the rest of your christmas

until next time tah tah

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