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Hornby 2013 Range preview review!

Right well after a long hiatus im back and posting a new blog so what are looking at today?

Yes another year nearly over and once again we get a look at what Hornby have install for us all next year the 2012 range was a disaster in the end as several items haven't been released especially with the Northern Belle train pack,coach pack and class 47 that i was waiting for since the range was first announced last year on January 4th so hopefully this years' will be better.


This years' catalogue is the same usual design though it has one of the new mouthwatering releases 71000 Duke of Gloucester either the RailRoad Range one or the Super Detail one.


This years range is deffinately promising with lots of new items to look forward too including a couple of a few items that were meant to be released last year mainly the BR Green class 31 and class 101 in Strathclyde livery


Flight of the Mallard

Featuring the RailRoad Range 4468 Mallard A4 and LNER Greseley Teak coaches priced at £160 its expensive so it aint a starter set.

Western Master with eLink

This set comes with the brand new eLink system which we shall get onto later this set comes with a 24xx Pannier Tank, a lowmac, coal truck from the RailRoad Range and a GWR Toad Brakevan.

The Majestic

The third and final train set for this year and its my fav it comes with a RES livery class 47 (despite it being from the RailRoad Range) and BR Express Blue livery 60163 Tornado and not forgetting the Teak coaches in Crimson and Cream livery and wagons in Railfreight,esso,blue and grey with D.R LLEWELLYN on the side.


BR 4-6-2 Re-built West Country Braunton

The only Digital Sound Loco released this year is Re-built West Country Class Braunton nice to see they chose one of the preserved ones though but Digital Sound fans will be abit dissapointed considering this is the only sound loco for 2013!


BR Late class M7 Locomotive no.30055

One of Hornbys' typical but Super Detail M7s' in BR Black livery
BR Duke of Gloucester standard class 8 Train Pack
Since no image of the actual pack has been released im using this photo Hornby have used can't say much about the pack though as i have no idea what it will be like.
BR Serby Hall B17 class Weathered
One of Hornbys' new B17s' has been released for 2013 however it is weathered.
Trains on Film- The Titfield Thunderbolt Train Pack
Would have been a fav since i love the film but it could have been better for a start there was no lowmac in the film like what the set has and the carriage on top is just one of Hornbys 4 wheel coaches minus the chassis the only good bit about the set is the loco, the GWR Toad Brakevan and dvd plus in the film the 14xx was pulling a Wishbech coach and a GWR Toad Brakevan not the flatbed with the coach body but other than that its okay.
LNER P2 Cock o The North RailRoad and Super Detail
Probably one of the excitements have people have been crying out for a Ready to Run P2 for a long time and Cock o The North is to be made in RailRoad and Super Detail versions. again no actaul image of the model so i used this image Hornby used.
BR 4-6-2 Duke of Gloucester Railroad and Super Detail

 Hornby used Duke of Gloucester is to be made in Super Detail and RailRoad versions OH YES!
Mallard The Great Gathering
To celebrate all 6 preserved A4s returning to the UK for a gathering next year Hornby have produced models of all six surviving A4s' Mallard of course is one of them.
Union of South Africa The Great Gathering
Union of South Africa beautifully modelled this is why Bachmanns A4s are rubbish (in my opinion) and besides it has been said Bachmanns have an odd shape anyway
'Dwight D. Eisenhower' The Great Gathering

One of the two oversea A4s' produced and its Dwight D Eisenhower
Dominion of Canada The Great Gathering
The thing that amazes me with this one the most is the bell infact this is one of the products i want seriously IT HAS TO BE DONE!
Bittern The Great Gathering
Another of Hornbys' beautiful A4 locos
Sir Nigel Greseley The Great Gathering
The only A4 preserved in BR Express Blue has been accurately modelled and captured
Flying Scotsman Weathered circa 1963
The first weathered Flying Scotsman model produced and a must have for fans of 4472 and weathered models
BR Express Blue Tornado
The ever popular 60163 Tornado in BR Express Blue and its a perfect paintjob too on such a lovely loco
A4 Great Snipe
Yet another Hornby A4 this time one of the unsung heroes Great Snipe!
City of Liverpool Princess/Duchess coronation
Nice to see a Duchess/Princess coronation being released for next year and in a lovely BR Brunswick Green too.
Okehampton West Country Class
Another West Country yet this aint a DCC Sound fitted model never mind there is already one West Country with DCC Sound
GWR 2-8-0 2800 Class
One of the GWR 2800 Class locos that would have pulled 100 Wagons in its heyday sadly the model can't even pull that much!
Penrice Castle Castle class loco
A Double Chimney Super Detail Castle class loco with Churchward Tender
Rood Ashton Hall
Again no blummin actaul image of model so used this image that Hornby used this model will not have the 35000 Gallon Tender by the looks of the image but who knows
BR B17 Barnsley
Yet another B17 every time i say one im more tempted to get one
BR B17 Serlby Hall Weathered
Another weathered B17
GWR Knight of the Grand class
one of the two Knight of the Grand locos released for this year
Knight of the Grand DCC Fitted
Exactly the same as the above one but DCC Fitted
Glastonbury Abbey class
Its avalible in DCC Fitted aswell but can't be bothered to list that one
Paviland Grange
a GWR Grange class loco
Thompson B1 Antelope DCC Fitted
One of Hornbys fab B1s' better than Bachmanns' by a city mile
SR 4-6-0 Sir Sagramore
One of the earlier King Arthur locos without smoke deflectors has been made by Hornby
GWR 2800 2807
 another GWR 2800 loco and in reality the seventh one to be built
Schools Class Epsom
BR Black Lined Early Emblem Schools Class Epsom and it looks a stunner
LNER Thompson L1 LNER Green
an LNER Green L1 Thompson Tank these locos are stunning may have to get one myself
L1 Thompson BR Black
The BR Black L1s' are great but the LNER Green suites them better (in my opinion)
GNR N2 class 0-6-0T
The soul survivor N2 1744 has been made by Hornby another loco that i have to get
BR N2 Late
I'll avoid getting the black one its okay but the GNR livery is a bit better
LSWR M7 Class
This M7 is an NRM special
Arriva livery class 67
I do plan to get a 67 but thats the DB SCHENKER livery one released last year though but the Arriva livery does look nice though but we need the coaches to go with it
BR Green class 31
This was the class 31 that should have been released last year but is now being released this year now
GBRF 66 Wolverhampton Wanderers
I would get it but i don't have any plans to get a class 66 anytime soon though so its more for 66 fans
NCB 0-4-0 Sentinel Industrial Shunter
A new release and aren't they just cute LOL and not forgetting Super Detail at the same time
0-4-0 Sentinel Industrial Shuner ESSO Bitumen Plymouth
Now that i've seen how nice these are i have to get one i just can't resist it
0-4-0 Sentinel Industrial Shunter Tarmac Weathered
A weathered version of the shunter looks nice but i prefer the pristine one though
class 101 Strathclyde
this should have been released last year but is now being released this year i won't get it because the ex Lima tooling aint been changed much Bachmanns' upcoming 101 looks better
SR 2 BIL 2 car EMU
Due for release early 2013 in January and i shall get it since i have no EMUS'as of yet and no the class 91 doesn't count
BR class 56 BR Large Logo
OH MY! what a lovely livery that suits the Grids well I WANT!
Brighton Belle 1960
No difference to the one released last year in this livery they could have done one with the yellow ends
class 395 Javelin Train Pack
The immaculate 395 Javelin released as a 4 coach Train Pack i won't get it (well atleast maybe not yet maybe in the near future)
class 373 Eurostar 4 coach Train Pack
For the first time in years a Eurostar from Hornby is released and in the new livery too TEMPTING
since im too lazy i won't put any pics in the session or the skaledale but when it comes to the what im getting session i shall put some pics of em on (of course)
This years wagons and coaches are impressive with 4 extra coaches for the Eurostar and the Greseley Suburban coaches as for wagons theirs the Shunters truck (want) and Ballast hoppers and of course not forgetting the 2013 wagon but the main issue with em is no coaches for the Arriva 67 otherwise it would have been better but other than that the coaches and wagons range is just as impressive.
The skaledale range is also impressive especially with the disused signal box and river bridge and that LMS signal box i can't fault this range nothing bad about it its great especially for those that are fans of the skaledale range aswell
we know already about 71000 and Cock o The North being in this range so they won't be listed
GWR Olton Hall
Again no model image so im using this one that Hornby used i just wonder what Olton Hall shall look like it won't be Super Detail but it will still be good for anybody who either wants it or kids
GWR Adderley Hall
no model image again but again lets hope since its RailRoad it aint too basic like those 0-4-0s :/
SR Schools Class Cheltenham
great choice on choosing Cheltenham but we need a Super Detail one though as this one well lets be fair it is basic
MK1s have also been made in Maroon and Choco and Cream

0-4-0 Gildenlow Salt co. loco
This has to be one of the worst RailRoad Range models produced they are fun but really basic and naff but good for weathering or putting to one side in cabinet.cupboard or shelve
0-4-0 Transatlantic Industries
Another of the worst RailRoad Range models this infact has no detailling what so ever not even basic handrails so i suppose its worser than the above one but both are still really basic but then again they are for kids.
well the elink range thats new to Hornby are just so really impressive
Okay i know its only compatible with DCC but it is still really impressive but why wasn't it done before though.
Right well now its time to list the mouthwatering items that i shall be getting next year
2 BIL 2 car EMU
The 2 BIL EMU has to be bought because i have no EMUs at this point in time.
class 56 BR Large Logo
I want this 56 to go with my other 56
0-4-0 Sentinel Industriel Shunter ESSO Bitumen Plymouth
I have very few shunters so it will be nice to get a new edition to the shunter fleet plus how can you not resist one of these
I was that tempted throughout typing it just has to go on things to buy next year
71000 Duke of Gloucester
I just have to get this loco i'd be a fool not too
Dominion of Canada The Great Gathering
Its mainly the bell that impresses me but i have been meaning to get a loco driven A4 ever since i bought the Tender Driven version last year
GNR N2 1744
I want an N2 they are nice little locos and im have been meaning to get one
GWR Shunters Truck
Its a nice little wagon
2013 wagon
How could i refuse
LMS 12 wheeled Dining Coach
and on that bombshell its time to stop typing and get on with on things this without a doubt is the longest blog i've done to date and i shall see you soon in the new year on here (that rhymes) and 2013 is an all new year for purchasing models for me i will probably buy the older products from Hornby and Bachmann here and there but i will mostly be buying the 2013 products that i have listed im getting
until next time............. sleep tight (Most Haunted reference)

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