Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hornby Railroad Northern Belle class 47 thoughts

Yesterday Hornbys Northern Belle livery class 47 for the Railroad range was finaly released after the delays it had in which it wasn't released last year even though it was meant to. Originally this was on my list to get but now im no longer getting it why? well you will see in this blog but first

Everything i type on this blog are my own opinions

The box is the usual Railroad range standard with polystyrene packaging (thats terrible and not as good as the box that splits in two) and the usual Yellow and Red coloured box with Railroad printed on the side. The box is not really interesting most of the time but its better than the model by far!!!!!.

The model itself is a major dissapointment the prototype pic they used was actually a Lima 47 illustrated in Northern Belle livery but instead what they've gone and done is taken a rubbish old Hornby ringfield motor 47 (what they used for the Virgin 47) and repainted it into Northern Belle livery  but thats not the only criticism i have with this model.

The axle boxes on the bogies are not yellow and whats more is the rumored sprung buffers and DCC ready chassis is not there. Also the two lights in the headboard that should be there are not they are abscent plus it has those pathetic bogies that just hang from the model until you put it on the tracks.

The model also has those big fat chunky couplings that most people don't like plus the DRS Compuss logo under the numberplates are abscent aswell and also the lining and numbering on the numberplates is a little too thick.

It also has a lack of detail all the handrails are basic and some details that should be there are not the question is why? I know its a Railroad model but that doesn'tmean it has to be as basic as this the 9Fs had sprung buffers, rivets and seperate handrails plus a DCC Ready chassis so why coudn't they do that with this.

Also the panels in front of the fans are meant to be Silver but they are not they Brown also this loco should have nameplates saying Soloway Princess but they are abscent too WHY? adding to the further problems this 47 was meant to be 802 instead its 832 and thats confusing.

The Red bufferbeams aren't there either they are Black? the only good thing with this model is the livery which is smack on everything else has problems also one of the lines under the lettering is slightly too thick when it should be thin.

Overall im really dissapointed with this model i know i was excited and was originally going to buy it but im not now it know its Railroad too but this (in my opinion) is just an awful model that has so many problems with and whats more it doesn't look right. And if the class 47 in the Northern Belle livery is as low detail as this then i won't get either of the Northern Belle items i know it seems unfair to say that but thats me being me and thats what shall happen if that 47 is as basic as this in which im rather hoping it isn't

Righty ho thats all from me take care all.........


Sunday, 17 March 2013

class47peter on: MonsterQuest

Whatever i type on this blog are my opinions and if you don't like them i don't really care

                                               The MonsterQuest logo from series 2 to 4

In 2007 when i was younger than what i am today (age 18) i was browsing through videos to do with The Loch Ness Monster on YouTube as round that time i was interested in the subject and i still am today. Whilst i was browsing through the videos i stumbled upon Americas Loch Ness Monster made by MonsterQuest of course it had nothing to do with the Loch Ness Monster but i still found it very interesting so after watching began searching the said show on Google and discovered they had made other episodes including Bigfoot, Birdzilla, Giant squid found, Mutant Canines etc and from then on thats what got me hooked on the show!


The first series of MonsterQuest aired on 2007 which is the said year when i first discovered the show as said above.

The series started off with Americas Loch Ness Monster again as said above it actually had nothing to do with the Loch Ness Monster instead however it was about Champ (another lake monster) and i still found it very interesting. They didn't find the monster but they did find some evidence despite not finding the elusive beast.

Sasquatch Attack followed next searching for a creature similar to Bigfoot except this creature was attacking a remote cabin in Northern Ontario. Other episodes were:

Giant Squid Found

Searching for giant humboldt squid in the sea of cortez


Looking at the legendary Thunderbirds (not the tv show) and other giant birds reported in Illinois, Texas and Alaska


Searching for the legendary and infamous Bigfoot and enhancing the controversial Patterson-Gimlin film

Mutant Canines

Searching for a bizarre canine like creature supposedly killing american pets

Lions In The Backyard

Hunting for large big black cats in human populated areas

Gigantic Killer Fish

A search for massive freshwater fish from the Artic and Amazon river

Swamp Beast

A trek deep into the swamps of Louisiana and Florida searching for the Skunk Ape

Russias Killer Apeman

This was the least favourite episode of mine and it was a somewhat dissapointment. A search about a story that Joseph Stalin had a plan to create ape-human hybrids.

Unidentified Flying Creatures

An investigation to look for Rods

The Real Hobbit

A search in Southeast Asia to look for a creature that supposedly resembles Hobbit

Giganto: The Real King Kong

Searching for the Gigantopithecus that still reportedly lives on and inspired the stories of King Kong

American WereWolf

Searching for the Michigan Dogman and The Beast of Bray Road

                                                       The season 1 logo

With season 1 gone season 2 would follow


The said season aired in 2008 (the year when i first joined YouTube) and i first saw MegaHog on an ordinary day when i was eating Galaxy Minstrels.

It featured a new logo

                                    Being this logo that would be used right to the end of the tv show

On the same day as viewing MegaHog i also watched Vampire Beast which was a search for the infamous Beast of Bladenboro and appeared once before in the 1950s.

The animation was slightly different when it came to the Monsterpedia bit when it would zoom on on various parts of the creature.

The other episodes included were:


A search for Ghosts XD

Ohio Grassman

A search for Bigfoot like creatures that may live in the states of Ohio

Giant Killer Snakes

A trek to search for man eating Anacondas in the jungles of Venezeula

Super Rats

Rats may be getting bigger and MonsterQuest head to New York to search for a Super size rat that may live their.

Black Beast of Exmoor

This was a personal favourite and is only one of the few eps i still watch today but more on that later. A search in Britain YES Britain in Exmoor in search of a Black beast resembling a cat.


A search in Texas and Rico to search for the well known Chupacabra

Legend of The Hairy Beast

A look at what Native Americans have to say about Bigfoot

Vampires in America

A look at the legend of  Vampires in America and looking at people at have a real craving for Blood

Boneless Horror

Investigation into the reports of a Giant Octopus named Lusca that is said to live in the Bahamas

Bigfoot in New York

A look into a 1976 report of Bigfoot and a search for the monster of Whitehall thats been sighted by Police officers!

Lake Monsters of the North

The search for Cressie a lake monster in Newfoundlands Crescent lake

Chinas Wildman

An investigation into a Chinese government-led search effort for the Yeren–a wild man said to be covered in thick red hair, 5–7 feet tall, and supposedly lurking in the country's remote Hubei province.

Giant Bear Attack

Horrfic reports of bear attacks and a search for new hybrid bears that have grown to a monstorus size.

Giant Squid Ambush

A return to the sea of Cortez to search once again for giant Humboldt squids

Monster Spiders

A look at man's fear of spiders starting with the Solifugae, or "Camel Spider"–a large desert-dwelling arachnid of Iraq that may have been brought to Texas by American soldiers that served there, and then a trek into the jungles of Venezuela in search of other massive arachnids that some local villagers claim are large enough to eat a small dog.

Jaws in Illinois

Investigation of reports of Bull sharks that have swam up inland to the Mississippi River from The Gulf of Mexico and also reports of Greenland sharks eating Caribou in St Lawrence River.

Real Dragons

Looking into reports of Komodo Dragons that are attacking humans and investigating the reports of the extinct Megalania may still lurk in the Blue mountains region in Australia

Sasquatch Attack II

A return to the remote cabin in Ontario as it has been attacked again by a strange Bigfoot like creature

This season deffinately had more episodes than the last season and saw a few of my faves aswell being Black Beast of Exmoor, Super Rats and also Monster Spiders


Season 3 followed next in 2009 but this is were the series got a tad more interesting (in my opinion)

Death of Loch Ness

A search to Loch Ness that Nessie may now be dead (if it existed)

Cattle Killers

An investigation into the unexplained mutilations of livestock in North America which are found drained of blood and with surgically precise wounds that do not match known predators.

Swamp Stalker

A search for a strange Bigfoot like creature in Fouke, Arkansas in the swamps said to be responsible for violent attacks.

Devils in New Jersey

A search into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to search for the famous Jersey Devil.

Gators in the Sewers

A return to New York this time in the sewers to investigate to see if Alligators still live there and a look into a story from the 1930s were a swarm of em were found.

Snowbeast Slaughter

Hiking into the rocky mountains in serach of a Bigfoot like creature that is said to be responsible for live stock killings and elk.

Mega Jaws

A search off Mexicos Baja Peninsula to search for a 60 foot shark

Monster Close Encounters

Looking into reports of those that have had close encounters with Bigfoot

Lake Demons

A search launched upon Lake Okanagan to search for Ogopogo

Sea Monsters

A look at the legend of sea monsters and close examination of video footage of a unidentified sea creature

Mysterious Ape Island

An expedition is launched on to British Columbia's Vancouver Island in search of a legendary
 Sasquatch that local native tales say would steal children who ventured too deep into the woods

Gigantic Killer Fish II

A look at an 1895 fish attack off the coast of Florida by a Goliath grouper, a massive fish that can weigh up to 1,500 lbs and a recent attack that may be evidence these dangerous fish are returning. Then, other attacks at the freshwater lakes of Minnesota by the no-less-aggressive Muskie could be on the rise.

Isle of the Lost Tiger

A trek into Tasmania to search for the Tamanian Tiger that may still live on and looking at reports of the creature that people claim to have seen.

Killer Jellyfish

A look at the rising concern of poisonous jellyfish, from New York's Hudson River, to the beaches of Spain, these animals have become floating deathtraps in the world's oceans, and their population explosion may be the result of mankind's changes to their ecosystems.

Flying Monsters

A deep trek into Papua New Guinea to search for a creature called the Demon Flyer and that described matches a Pterosaur

The Curse of the Monkey Man

Heading off to New Delhi to search for the Monkey Man that is reported to have attacked people

Killer Crocs

A look at the 40-foot-long (12 m) prehistoric "SuperCroc" Sarcosuchus imperator an ancestor of today's crocodiles which can be up to 20 feet long, but witnesses are claiming modern crocodiles are getting much bigger. The show delves into Florida's swamps in search of record-sized crocs that could be returning to their prehistoric size.

The Last Dinosaur

The following of an expedition deep into the jungles of Cameroon in search of evidence of the Mokèlé Mbèmbé–a creature local villagers identify as a long-necked sauropod thought to have gone extinct over 65-million years ago.

Critical Evidence

 A review of the best evidence of Sasquatch, from amazing videos to footprint castings and compelling eye-witness reports gathered from around the United States, and how the latest state-of-the-art technology and scientific analysis could prove once and for all if these creatures really exist.

The Real Cujo

A look at the rising number of attacks by feral dogs as more and more canine pets are abandoned to the wild and returning to their pack hunter instincts. The series follows a team of investigators in St. Louis, Missouri to track these animals and to find out just how dangerous they can be.

Terror from the Sky

A look back at a series of mid-20th Century reports of bizarre flying humanoids that caused waves of panic in small towns across the Northern United States and recent encounters in Mexico and California. The investigation also analyzes a strange corpse and video evidence to identify what people are seeing.

Killer Chimps in America

chimpanzees, once big attractions at circuses and zoos in America, and now popular exotic pets, but reports of chimp attacks from Florida may be evidence that some of these dangerous animals have escaped captivity and are surviving in the wild.

Tigers in the Suburbs

The series follows a group of investigators into New York's wilderness in search of what area residents claim are big black cats, possibly escaped jaguars and panthers, that are stalking the local deer population.

The Real Moby Dick

Following the reports of attacks that inspired the Moby-Dick tale from classic literature, an investigative team searches for albino sperm whales to see if there is any truth to their aggressive nature.

Abominable Snowman

A 2 hour special which looks into eports of the Abominable Snowman it took me a long while to see this episode as it woudn't be til Easter of the next year too see it.

This series saw a few ofmy favourites being Cattle Killers and Death of Loch Ness my only critcism is why didn't they do second searches of other previous episodes like Super Rats, Mutant Canines and American Werewolf.


Season 4 would be the last ever season as mid way it was cancelled which we shall come onto later and also this is where people said the show was starting to be ridicoulous.

Monster Sharks

A look at the increasing number of attacks by great white sharks along our beaches. The investigation follows a team of researchers who are trying to determine why sharks are becoming more aggressive.

Hillbilly Beast

A trek into the foothills of North Western Kentucky to search for a Bigfoot-like creature that is said to make terrifying, wild screams. Investigators analyze a tooth, photographic and audio evidence, and venture into the remote wilderness in an attempt to identify the source of these mysterious sounds.

Giant Pythons in America

Investigators study the adaptability of giant pythons in Florida as their habitat spreads into heavily populated areas such as Miami, and north where they could hybridize and spread into every state in the country

Giant Killer Bees

over 50 years ago when South American scientists tried to make a hybrid bee that could produce more honey–instead they created swarms of large aggressive bees that have been plaguing Mexico and the southern United States with evidence that they are adapting to colder climates and spreading into northern states.


A look back to the 1967 reports of the Mothman–a mysterious winged creature that terrorized a small West Virginia town and believed to be an omen for disasters such as the collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River that killed 46 people. Sightings of the creature are reported to this day, and a team of investigators use the latest forensic and night-vision technology to try to determine what people are encountering.

Piranha Invasion

A look at the growing number of South American piranha that are appearing in U.S. lakes and streams. A team studies how they are adapting and collects evidence to determine if the predatory fish are becoming a new threat to fresh water environments

Lizard Monster

A look back at a 1952 Flatwoods, West Virginia encounter of a supposed reptilian creature that appeared in a strange hovering craft and attacked witnesses with a noxious gas. Investigators follow a wave of new sightings that are being reported of the Flatwoods Monster to try and uncover what people are encountering.

Sierra Sasquatch

Bigfoot researchers trek into California's Sierra Nevada following Native American stories and petroglyphs of a supposed family of hairy man-beasts; they examine recently found footprint evidence and a compelling 1991 video of a supposed Sasquatch encounter in Mono Lake.

Americas Wolfman

Investigators head into the isolated wilderness of the Midwest United States in search of a legendary creature described as half-man/half-wolf; guiding them are various eye-witness testimonies and a recently surfaced, but suspicious video of the purported beast.

After this episode the series was axed not because of lake of views but to assure their future as a powerfull force in television. Now people have said its a good thing because they didn't like the show and said UFO Hunters was better (i've never seen the show so i can't comment).

People have also said the show is ridicoulous because they never find anything when they actually found the monster in the past these episodes are ,Unidentified Flying Objects, Giant Squid Found, Killer Crocs, Giant Pythons and Killer Bees (i think) so its unfair to say they never find anything and besides atleast they try to find evidence.

Sure we have had the occasional duff episode but its like that with most shows these days but i can't understand why the had to cancel the show all because they think their future is powerful.

their isn't enough shows like this on the History channel so it really bugs me why they don't keep shows like this and even the shows spinoff MysteryQuest didn't last long either only running for one season.

But regardless what people say i like the show and if people don't like it they can stuff themselves and i still watch the show to this day but i only watch a few episodes these are:

Black Beast of Exmoor:

This was the only episode they filmed in England thats why i like it so why coudn't they make more episodes in england it may have been an american show but thats no excuse.

Cattle Killers:

Another fav of mine simply because im interested in the subject

Death of Loch Ness:

Obviously cause again its the same as the one above im interested in the subject


I just like it :P

Okay several of the season 4 episodes were a dissapointment and the only ones i liked was the Lizard Monster and Americas Wolfman but i still like the show its just a shame it got cancelled. Besides we could have had more searches in england if it hadn't been cancelled.

                                                THE ANIMATION :


The animation is one of the important things on the show not just the searches and the animation as always impressed me. They always capture the detail of the creatures smack on and it looks so realistic aswell and when it comes to recreating the eyewitness accounts (one of my fav bits about the show) the animation always works well and with out it the show would be bland and boring. The animation of the creatures also looks like its real.

Take a look at this scene for example:

And its scenes like this that can be very creepy and scary but that makes it more interesting.

Also the animation has changed over the years aswell.

When the animation was first done it had no backgrounds whatsoever it was still okay especially since it started like that when the show first began.

BUT when they later put backgrounds on the MonsterPedias it spiced it up and made it look more interesting and more importantly more realistic. They even had it touched up abit like adding lightning or fog and rain etc. Ans whats more it really does bring it to life especially since they add thigs like bushes, trees, grass, sky, weather and occasionally buildings if necessary.

                                               THE MUSIC:

The music often heard in the background is also important as it spicens it up abit and if there was no music it would be the same. The music does indeed sound very creepy especially played during an eyewitness account and occasionally it would make my hair stand on end thats the beauty of it. The music used during the opening credits is good too but not as creepy. The music often played also sounds like something you would expect from a horror film. and would work when even when one of the creatures appears on screen (in animation of course).

and lets not forget         THE EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS

The eyewitness accounts make the series more interesting too and when it comes to other documentaries about cryptids i've seen a majority of those other shows leave out the accounts people have had with the creatures so why?

The eyewitness accounts are one of the important things about the show even though they are re acted it still seems wrong to just forget about them and leave them out it doesn't seem right to me and also if they do that then it becomes tacky.


The series was deffinately one of the best shows i've seen on the History channel and when it comes to other programmes also searching for cryptids this one comes out on top as the others i've seen either don't actually find any evidence or leave out the eyewitness accounts. Regardless what others say about the show its the best show to do with this topic yet.

And theres even a potition to bring the show back and i hope they do

Take care all..........

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bachmann 2013/14 Range extras

Today i discovered Bachmann had announced some more items for their 2013/14 Range on eHattons so i thought i would post my thoughts on them too but put them in a seperate post but first!

Everything i type on this blog are my opinions and if you don't like them i don't care

Bachmanns 4MT has made a surprise return for this year

Its good to see this engine has returned to the Bachmann range because its an iconic loco despite being called a copy of a Black five which it ain't DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST i love the weathered finished on the loco and considering my old 4MT is knackered and im looking for a replacement so i may go for this one.

ROD in GWR Green

Even though the ROD has already been released previously from Bachmann its still a nice loco and in the future i will be looking at buying one of these locos (doesn't mean i'll choose this livery though) but those that love this livery and loco will be pleased.

class D11/12

Now Bachmann have announced two for this year Allan-Bane in LNER Green and this one Haystoun of Bucklaw in BR Black but im only showing the one as only this photo has been released to us. But either way i shall not get either the two as im more than happy with my one Lady of the Lake (a gourgeous engine) so there.

LMS Jubilee Nelson in LMS Crimson

A very nice loco and a stunning livery and even though i own BAHAMAS (a favourite of mine) it still looks pretty good might not get it at this point as im very pleased with the one i already own.

LMS Jubilee Victoria and Falkland Islands

Again only using the one pic as only Falkland Islands as been released but dispite that they will both be in the same livery just this one has weathering. Again this is a very nice loco from the photo and will be even nicer i guess when actually released.

LMS Patriot Giggleswick

Now i am looking for a Patriot but i want one in LMS Crimson not Brunswick Green because in my opinion they look so much better in LMS Crimson than Green still a nice model though dispite the name being a little bit funny.

BR class 04 BR Black

Bachmann have released several for this year so heres the first one i'll show i do plan for a 04 but not a BR Black one as the livery doesn't suite it.

C class

They've released three this one a Southern Green and a Southern Black one but since they've only been arsed to show the one photo i shall only show the one. But this is a really nice loco but i want a Southern Green one not a black livery one.


Two have been announced but they are both Black they really need to start thinking about releasing this in a different livery but on the hole its still a lovely engine i want get one as i already own two!

LNER A4 Dwight. D. Eisenhower

Bachmanns not so immaculate A4 has been announced twice for this year but i prefer Hornbys A4s by a mile. Still a nice engine don't get me wrong but theres something about Bachmanns that i don't like (but thats my opinion).

LNER A4 Dominion of Canada

Another A4 this time Dominion of Canada (you what sod it next time im gonna show all the pics of more than one loco thats announced and then give me thoughts on em). But again the same opinion is the same as the one above still not perfect.

GWR 56xxs

Two of these fine locos have been announced one in GWR Green and another in BR Black as you can see clearly i won't get either i have one im happy with already but those who do love these engines or don't yet own one will be very happy indeed.

Standard class 3MT Tanks

Bachmanns 3MT has stepped into the frames once again and this time both announced are weathered cept one is in BR Black and the other in BR Green (which looks odd) as theirs no linning round the late crest on the tanks and the late crest looks a little bigger than usual but dispite that they still look nice but none of em are on me list as i own one already.

GWR Prairies

Bachmann have announced three but only one pic has been shown FECK IT( Father Jack quote) but anyways this is a nice loco and i want a small prairie so i shall get one of these possibly this livery.

GWR 8750 Pannier Tank

Panniers are still going strong especially the one Bachmann are making for this year im more interested in buying the 64xx but its nice for said company to still be making them.

GWR 57xx Panniers

Talk about the Great Western Way GWR fanatics sure will be proud of Bachmann for their announcements of GWR locos this year and the Pannier is no exception as you can see one is in GWR Green and the other is BR Black weathered.

A1 Tornado BR Express Passenger Blue

I knew from the start that Bachmann would make Tornado in its new BR Express Blue livery and although it looks promising im unlikely at this point to buy.

NCB Yellow Engineering class 04

This class 04 is automatically on my list of things to get as its unique and weathered and its my favourite colour (Yellow) so thats a win.

BR class 03s

The 3 03s announced for this year but the only one thats got my likes is the BR Green one with Hazard stripes and its weathered too to make it look like its been hard at work shunting so you know the word WANT!

PowerHaul 70s

Its nice enough for Bachmann to bring out a weathered 70 for a change but i shall not but either too as i already own one but they are really nice models though.

BR class 20s

3 Choppers are confirmed for this year but only two photos of two are shown as for the third dispite me not getting it im hoping it will be this livery.

But back to the models im pleased that Bachmann have not stopped making the choppers but what im not happy about is they've made 20901 but why haven't they made 20905 that pairs with it? t just seems unfair to not make it as it would be better and also why is there still no Railfreight Grey 20 with Domino Head boards thats on my list but i can't get hold of it at this point. Bachmann really could do with making one as it would be easier for me to get but they do need to think about what they are making sometimes.

BR class 42

One Warship is being made this year and its Cockade in BR Blue weathered my only criticism is im sure it didn't just carry the numbers 810 but other than that its still good but i don't really want it though.

BR class 08s

Bachmanns Gronks are still going strong despite not as being ace as the Hornby ones (which reminds me i must get one sooner or later) the only one of these i like though is the BR Green with Hazard stripes though as it looks more attractive than the others and i might swap my Mainline 09 for this one ;)

BR class 25

RATS! HAIRY JAPANESE B******S  (Father Ted reference)  but being more serious this looks good i won't get it as i prefer my Tamworth Castle 25 but there you go. The weathering is nice too.

BR class 24s

Three are confirmed but only this picture is published but i do want a 24 (McRat) or as i like to call em Doctor Rats :P dunno why it just gos that way i do want this one particularly though and i shall get it depending on how it looks in model form.

BR class 45s

ARGHH the Peaks are a comin. Two are confirmed one in BR Blue and the other in BR Green i already own a peak so i shall not get any of these two. Also is it just me but the BR Blue one looks a tad bit strange :/

class 66

YAK! i hate sheds even if they are made by Absco (the worst shed makers in the world) but being honest i don't entirely hate 66s but this one is not on my list why. Because i don't want it!!!!!

BR class 57

The Bodysnatchers are back!!!!. The DRS one catches my liking as its smarter than the Virgin Trains one and i may get it.

BR class 37s

Three Tractors are coming out this year but i shall not get either but 37 fans im sure will consider all three are weathered and come in different liveries. One is in Mainline the other in Dutch Engineers and it has DCC Sound and the other is EWS all three are now extinct companies.

BR class 166s

After an incredibly long hiatus the 166 returns to the Bachmann Range and is being released in both NSE (weathered) and Thames Link. Although i won't get one as i already have one im expecting it will be a new tolling if it isn't i would be surprised.
BR class 158s

Bachmanns new retooled is expected to be released this year i guess but neither the livery is what i want. Firstly despite my desire to owning a East Midlands 43 the East Midlands 158 just isn't to my liking and as for the Regional Railways 158 its DCC Sound so i can't have it as i have DC. I want to have one in Central Trains and i hope they do but if it gets released as DCC Sound i shall go Ape shit.
BR class 101

Bachmanns new 101 is coming out this year in BR Blue but im gonna wait for the one in BR Green with Speed Whiskers so i shall not get this one but i expect it to be much more detailed and better than Hornbys version.
BR class 150s

Four 150s are being released this year one in FGW, one in Northern Rail, One in Sprinter livery thats weathered and the other in Centro with Blue stripe. I already own one in Regional Railways so i won't get either also expect them to have the smae level of detail as the previous ones released.
BR class 85 AL5
I have to say i prefer the electric Blue version (that i shall get) this one aint to bad but i don't want this one but it still looks pretty nice i suppose (he said).
BR class 419s MLVs (Motor Luggage Van)

Two of the gracious MLVs are to be released one in NSE and the other in Jaffa Cake two tone grey and Orange livery. I hate the NSE one so i shall get the Jaffa Cake one as im after a MLV. These are pretty good models and i hope so too.
so that wraps it up to my thoughts on the Bachmann extras would have done the rolling stock but not many pics of them were released and none at all for the buildings either.
Enjoy the rest of your night..............