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Bachmann 2013/14 Range extras

Today i discovered Bachmann had announced some more items for their 2013/14 Range on eHattons so i thought i would post my thoughts on them too but put them in a seperate post but first!

Everything i type on this blog are my opinions and if you don't like them i don't care

Bachmanns 4MT has made a surprise return for this year

Its good to see this engine has returned to the Bachmann range because its an iconic loco despite being called a copy of a Black five which it ain't DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST i love the weathered finished on the loco and considering my old 4MT is knackered and im looking for a replacement so i may go for this one.

ROD in GWR Green

Even though the ROD has already been released previously from Bachmann its still a nice loco and in the future i will be looking at buying one of these locos (doesn't mean i'll choose this livery though) but those that love this livery and loco will be pleased.

class D11/12

Now Bachmann have announced two for this year Allan-Bane in LNER Green and this one Haystoun of Bucklaw in BR Black but im only showing the one as only this photo has been released to us. But either way i shall not get either the two as im more than happy with my one Lady of the Lake (a gourgeous engine) so there.

LMS Jubilee Nelson in LMS Crimson

A very nice loco and a stunning livery and even though i own BAHAMAS (a favourite of mine) it still looks pretty good might not get it at this point as im very pleased with the one i already own.

LMS Jubilee Victoria and Falkland Islands

Again only using the one pic as only Falkland Islands as been released but dispite that they will both be in the same livery just this one has weathering. Again this is a very nice loco from the photo and will be even nicer i guess when actually released.

LMS Patriot Giggleswick

Now i am looking for a Patriot but i want one in LMS Crimson not Brunswick Green because in my opinion they look so much better in LMS Crimson than Green still a nice model though dispite the name being a little bit funny.

BR class 04 BR Black

Bachmann have released several for this year so heres the first one i'll show i do plan for a 04 but not a BR Black one as the livery doesn't suite it.

C class

They've released three this one a Southern Green and a Southern Black one but since they've only been arsed to show the one photo i shall only show the one. But this is a really nice loco but i want a Southern Green one not a black livery one.


Two have been announced but they are both Black they really need to start thinking about releasing this in a different livery but on the hole its still a lovely engine i want get one as i already own two!

LNER A4 Dwight. D. Eisenhower

Bachmanns not so immaculate A4 has been announced twice for this year but i prefer Hornbys A4s by a mile. Still a nice engine don't get me wrong but theres something about Bachmanns that i don't like (but thats my opinion).

LNER A4 Dominion of Canada

Another A4 this time Dominion of Canada (you what sod it next time im gonna show all the pics of more than one loco thats announced and then give me thoughts on em). But again the same opinion is the same as the one above still not perfect.

GWR 56xxs

Two of these fine locos have been announced one in GWR Green and another in BR Black as you can see clearly i won't get either i have one im happy with already but those who do love these engines or don't yet own one will be very happy indeed.

Standard class 3MT Tanks

Bachmanns 3MT has stepped into the frames once again and this time both announced are weathered cept one is in BR Black and the other in BR Green (which looks odd) as theirs no linning round the late crest on the tanks and the late crest looks a little bigger than usual but dispite that they still look nice but none of em are on me list as i own one already.

GWR Prairies

Bachmann have announced three but only one pic has been shown FECK IT( Father Jack quote) but anyways this is a nice loco and i want a small prairie so i shall get one of these possibly this livery.

GWR 8750 Pannier Tank

Panniers are still going strong especially the one Bachmann are making for this year im more interested in buying the 64xx but its nice for said company to still be making them.

GWR 57xx Panniers

Talk about the Great Western Way GWR fanatics sure will be proud of Bachmann for their announcements of GWR locos this year and the Pannier is no exception as you can see one is in GWR Green and the other is BR Black weathered.

A1 Tornado BR Express Passenger Blue

I knew from the start that Bachmann would make Tornado in its new BR Express Blue livery and although it looks promising im unlikely at this point to buy.

NCB Yellow Engineering class 04

This class 04 is automatically on my list of things to get as its unique and weathered and its my favourite colour (Yellow) so thats a win.

BR class 03s

The 3 03s announced for this year but the only one thats got my likes is the BR Green one with Hazard stripes and its weathered too to make it look like its been hard at work shunting so you know the word WANT!

PowerHaul 70s

Its nice enough for Bachmann to bring out a weathered 70 for a change but i shall not but either too as i already own one but they are really nice models though.

BR class 20s

3 Choppers are confirmed for this year but only two photos of two are shown as for the third dispite me not getting it im hoping it will be this livery.

But back to the models im pleased that Bachmann have not stopped making the choppers but what im not happy about is they've made 20901 but why haven't they made 20905 that pairs with it? t just seems unfair to not make it as it would be better and also why is there still no Railfreight Grey 20 with Domino Head boards thats on my list but i can't get hold of it at this point. Bachmann really could do with making one as it would be easier for me to get but they do need to think about what they are making sometimes.

BR class 42

One Warship is being made this year and its Cockade in BR Blue weathered my only criticism is im sure it didn't just carry the numbers 810 but other than that its still good but i don't really want it though.

BR class 08s

Bachmanns Gronks are still going strong despite not as being ace as the Hornby ones (which reminds me i must get one sooner or later) the only one of these i like though is the BR Green with Hazard stripes though as it looks more attractive than the others and i might swap my Mainline 09 for this one ;)

BR class 25

RATS! HAIRY JAPANESE B******S  (Father Ted reference)  but being more serious this looks good i won't get it as i prefer my Tamworth Castle 25 but there you go. The weathering is nice too.

BR class 24s

Three are confirmed but only this picture is published but i do want a 24 (McRat) or as i like to call em Doctor Rats :P dunno why it just gos that way i do want this one particularly though and i shall get it depending on how it looks in model form.

BR class 45s

ARGHH the Peaks are a comin. Two are confirmed one in BR Blue and the other in BR Green i already own a peak so i shall not get any of these two. Also is it just me but the BR Blue one looks a tad bit strange :/

class 66

YAK! i hate sheds even if they are made by Absco (the worst shed makers in the world) but being honest i don't entirely hate 66s but this one is not on my list why. Because i don't want it!!!!!

BR class 57

The Bodysnatchers are back!!!!. The DRS one catches my liking as its smarter than the Virgin Trains one and i may get it.

BR class 37s

Three Tractors are coming out this year but i shall not get either but 37 fans im sure will consider all three are weathered and come in different liveries. One is in Mainline the other in Dutch Engineers and it has DCC Sound and the other is EWS all three are now extinct companies.

BR class 166s

After an incredibly long hiatus the 166 returns to the Bachmann Range and is being released in both NSE (weathered) and Thames Link. Although i won't get one as i already have one im expecting it will be a new tolling if it isn't i would be surprised.
BR class 158s

Bachmanns new retooled is expected to be released this year i guess but neither the livery is what i want. Firstly despite my desire to owning a East Midlands 43 the East Midlands 158 just isn't to my liking and as for the Regional Railways 158 its DCC Sound so i can't have it as i have DC. I want to have one in Central Trains and i hope they do but if it gets released as DCC Sound i shall go Ape shit.
BR class 101

Bachmanns new 101 is coming out this year in BR Blue but im gonna wait for the one in BR Green with Speed Whiskers so i shall not get this one but i expect it to be much more detailed and better than Hornbys version.
BR class 150s

Four 150s are being released this year one in FGW, one in Northern Rail, One in Sprinter livery thats weathered and the other in Centro with Blue stripe. I already own one in Regional Railways so i won't get either also expect them to have the smae level of detail as the previous ones released.
BR class 85 AL5
I have to say i prefer the electric Blue version (that i shall get) this one aint to bad but i don't want this one but it still looks pretty nice i suppose (he said).
BR class 419s MLVs (Motor Luggage Van)

Two of the gracious MLVs are to be released one in NSE and the other in Jaffa Cake two tone grey and Orange livery. I hate the NSE one so i shall get the Jaffa Cake one as im after a MLV. These are pretty good models and i hope so too.
so that wraps it up to my thoughts on the Bachmann extras would have done the rolling stock but not many pics of them were released and none at all for the buildings either.
Enjoy the rest of your night..............

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