Monday, 11 March 2013

Bachmann 2013/14 Range Thoughts

Yesterday Bachmann announced their announcements for this year both Bachmann Branchline and Graham Farish so what are the items they have announced? but first

everything i type on this blog are my opinions

First we will start off with the Bachmann Branchline items:

The first loco they announced was Class E4

Now i am rather happy that this class of loco is being made. It will have a diecast chassis and will be compatible with Birdcage stock and since it will be based off the one Preserved on The Bluebell Railway it will be released in this livery but im hoping it will be done in others too.

Then there was the 64xx Pannier Tanks

This will be an all new tooling and since i own a 57xx im interested in what the 64xx will look like in model form. It will also feature two differing cab/bunker arrangements (that tickles my interest) Auto trailer compatible and a representation of auto-fitted equipment detail. Sounds absolutely wonderful and i can't wait.

Midland Class 1Fs

This will feature open and closed cab variants, detailed backheads and the preserved model will be available now i want get this model as i have no plans for it but it will still be interesting as to what it will look like in model form.

followed by the ugly duckling that is the Wickham Trolley Cars

Now its unknown if they will be motorised or not but i hope so as this is something very different from any other locomotive available to buy. However the Trolley with Trailer and the type 27 trolley are to be made but my impression is they are ugly ducklings.

Then there was the LMS Stanier Mogul

I am extremely glad that these are being made especially the preserved example 42968 and i shall get that one because its a gorgeous engine. The model will feature tender pickups and some will have either flush or riveted tenders.

Then there was the last Branchline announcement

 The class 43 Warship is to be made now to me it seems abit lazy (dispite being new tooling) because its exactly the same as the class 42 but either way it shall feature directional lighting, cab lights and a illuminated head code (interesting)

now will shall move onto the Graham Farish stuff

i will not be getting any of the stuff for obvious reasons but im still gonna give my thoughts on em

N class locomotive

This will be a smaller version of the 00 Gauge model available on the market in fact i have still to buy an 00 gauge N class myself (but thats for the future though).
64xx Pannier tank

Yeah thats right the 64xx is also to be made in N gauge form (how bloody original).

LMS Fairburn

Again this will be a smaller version of the 00 Gauge model and can i just say the 00 gauge models are fantastic.

GWR Castle Class

This was is pretty interesting because they have yet to release their 00 gauge Castle themselves so i can't really comment on that.

Midland 4F

It will be a smaller version of the 00 Gauge model even though it isn't released yet but it will be as just as detailed.

class 25 Rat

Again this will be a smaller version of the 00 Gauge version but will have a new detailed body which is interesting.

OVERALL OPINIONS: The range is quite good and im especially looking forward to the Stanier Mogul 42968 when released.

Thats it from me now so take care.................

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